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Episode 4 - Whitetail Hunting in Michigan - Skre Gear

Episode 4 - Whitetail Hunting in Michigan

It's October 1st, which means the opening day of the whitetail archery hunt in Michigan. Even though it is warmer than he would like, David Falish decided to sit over a food plot that he and his dad had worked on quite a bit over the year. They had expanded it 2 and a half acres and it has been attracting quite a few whitetail deer.

Two whitetail bucks had caught his attention, a seven-point that is taller on his three-point side and a symmetrical eight-point. And both were still in their summer pattern. David decided he was going to try and get to them before the pressure from hunting season got to them and they changed their pattern.

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Whitetail deer at deer feeder

Two hours before dark and David sees the seven-point whitetail buck that he has been watching. He takes his shot and knows that it is a good one. The buck doesn't go very far before David sees him go down. David quickly remembered why he loves bow hunting. It gets the heart pumping.

But there are still two hours of hunting light left, so he decides to sit and see if he can get lucky again. Just 20 minutes later and he makes it happen...

Buck during whitetail hunt

With the second whitetail buck David's been eyeing leaving to his side, he makes a call to stop the eight-point just long enough for him to take his second shot for the day. He makes contact! And although he can't see the buck go down this time, he hears the crashing and knows he was successful.

Two bucks in one day. Within 20 minutes of each other. On opening day!

With daylight still left, David was able to recover both of his bucks. Both moving less than 100 yards from point of impact. He finished off an incredibly successful day of whitetail hunting with his wife and eight-month-old son. God is good. Life is good. And now David gets to support his hunting buddies for the rest of the season.

Successful whitetail hunt

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