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Episode 3 - Archery Hunt in Louisiana - Skre Gear

Episode 3 - Archery Hunt in Louisiana

Flipp Wheeler has been playing J.V. football, so even though the whitetail archery hunt in Louisiana started a week earlier, he and his dad, Locke, haven't had a chance to get out and hunt yet. Even with football games and practice keeping him busy, Flipp has been getting ready for hunting season - shooting his bow regularly. 

And not only is this his first hunt for the season, but it is his first-ever archery whitetail hunt. And his dad, Locke, is determined to make it a memorable one.

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Early Season Hunting Prep

Hurricane Ida had caused a lot of damage to the area and unfortunately, the Wheeler's hadn't had a chance to go in and fix all their hunting stands before the season started. With an unsuccessful first weekend of hunting, Locke and his son look at planting some food plots to help boost their odds.

Early-season hunting in the South is tough. If you plant too early, the worms will ruin the plot. So it is best to wait until the season gets going to make the most of your crop. In about two or three weeks, the plot will mature and hopefully draw in some whitetail.

First Shot At A Buck

After 5 days of hunting and no luck, Flipp finally sees a whitetail buck coming into view.

The buck comes into view and Flipp focuses on his target. Locke gets the buck to stop with a short call and Flipp takes his shot...

Flipp made a great 20-yard shot! Locke and Flipp wait a few minutes to make sure, but eventually, they see the buck go down.

Successful Louisiana Archery Hunt

Youth Louisiana Whitetail Archery Buck
Not only did Flipp get his first archery whitetail buck, but it was the one that they had been targetting and this 10-point buck marks the biggest whitetail buck that Flipp had tagged. 


And with it not even November yet, they still have a full season of hunting ahead of them. Both Locke and Flipp couldn't have asked for a better start to their 2021 hunting season.

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