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Episode 5 - Hunting Whitetail in Louisiana - Skre Gear

Episode 5 - Hunting Whitetail in Louisiana

This October in Louisiana has been a warm one, which kept Collin from going out hunting whitetail...until now. With some cooler weather blowing in, Collin wants to see if he can score on a whitetail buck in Louisiana before he heads to Texas. 

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Day 1

While sitting in the evening on October 29, Collin spotted a spike and a doe at the edge of the food plot he is hunting. The spike ended up coming in, but the doe kept skirting the edge. After checking the wind, Collin realized that the wind is swirling off of the nearby creek.

After the doe blowing Collin's location and the spike leaving, it was time to call it a day.

Day 2

October 30th seems to be a promising morning. Collin pulled the card from his trail camera the night before and there was a ton of whitetail activity at this spot around 7:30 am. 

Sure enough, a little while later Collin gets the shot he was hoping for.

After having to let down his draw once, Collin finally got the shot he was looking for. But it was a clean miss. 

After watching the replay of the camera footage, Collin confirmed that the doe ducked the arrow. You can see from the replay that the doe dropped about a foot immediately after hearing the release of the arrow.

Day 3

It is Sweet November as the guys up in the Midwest say - November 1st.

Collin went to a new spot this morning up in the woods to give the food plot he had been hunting a little bit more of a rest. 

The spot he's hunting today is known to have a lot of whitetail traffic during the rut, so Collin decided he wanted to use this as an observation sit to see if the deer are using this only during the rut or if it is one of their main travel corridors.

After sitting for a couple of hours, Collin finds out he was right. This is a hot spot! He knew that there was a trail on this side of the marshy area he was sitting on, but he didn't realize that it was literally at the base of the tree that he was in.

After having 3 different groups of does pass right by the base of his tree and bust him, he decided he had to move his set.

While this was his last hunt before heading to Texas, all was not lost. He scoped out a better location for his next hunt just a few yards away that favored his strong side. And he knows that this is a good travel corridor to hunt.

It was a good early season down in Louisiana. It could have been better with a deer on the ground, but Collin will be back in a few weeks to try his luck again.

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