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Hunting Resources

Hunting & Wilderness Survival

Updated 1/11/2023 Wilderness Survival They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Consequently, a few of the s...

Antelope Hunting Basics with Eric Stanosheck

Today on the Skre Country Podcast, we have Collin Averett sitting in for Mike Nielsen, who is out taking care of a m...

Wilderness Survival with Roland Welker

On our podcast today, we have History Channel's 'Alone - Season 7' winner, Roland Welker to talk to us all about wild...

Welcome to the Skre Country Podcast

 There have been a lot of Skre customers and supporters asking when we would be starting a podcast. So here it is - w...

Body Recovery After Hunting

What's going on? This is Andrew Schubert and I want to talk to you about body recovery after hunting. So you've been ...

Backcountry Safety And Taking Care Of Your Body

What's going on? It's Andrew Schubert and I'm here to talk to you about backcountry safety and how to take care of yo...

Backcountry Nutrition And Meal Prep While Hunting

Hey, what's going on. It’s Andrew Schubert and I want to talk to you about proper backcountry nutrition. So when we g...

Wild Hog: Proper Preparing For the Smoker

Hello there. Today, I'm going to talk to you about wild hogs, specifically what to do after the shot. Guys, we want t...

Field Judging Pronghorn Antelope

The pronghorn antelope is one of the most unique big game animals in North America. Knowing how to field judge a trop...

What Should Your Hunting Plan Include?

With draw results coming out for states all around the country, and others just around the corner, hunters all over a...

Hunting in the 21st Century

Boy, has hunting changed a lot in the 21st century! A large part of that undeniably has to do with the advancements i...

Evolution of Hunting Gear

Gear utilized to hunt big dangerous mountains and access rugged remote backcountry has evolved drastically over the l...
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