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Episode 8 - Kansas Whitetail Hunt During The Rut - Skre Gear

Episode 8 - Kansas Whitetail Hunt During The Rut

It's almost 1 o'clock in a tree stand in Kansas. Locke and Colin finally got their stand set up in a nice spot above a pond, at the edge of a thicket. They are excited to kick off this Kansas whitetail hunt, not only because it is the rut, but because they were also told that there is a big 10-point buck hanging around here.

It's a beautiful day in the mid-40’s and although it feels like the rut, things haven't quite heated up here in Kansas just yet. It's at the point where over the next three or four days, they could start seeing a ton of rut activity. 

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After a slow first evening in Kansas, Colin and Locke notice that there was a lot more deer activity on the back side of the farm they were on. There is a stand on that side, so they decided they are going to switch things up a bit and try that other stand tomorrow.

Day Two 

It's a gorgeous day. The wind is calm. And there are deer up moving around. Locke and Colin are in a really cool spot - a pinch spot where several tree lines and a ditch-row come together. There are winter wheat fields all around.

Throughout the day they saw a total of eight bucks, one of them being a shooter. Unfortunately, that shooter buck got out in the field with the does and chasing other bucks, so Locke never had the chance to draw back on him.  

Overall it was a pretty good day. Unfortunately, the weather is not doing them a lot of favors. The wind is shifting out of the South, which is going to force the guys to sit somewhere different tomorrow. It's been hard trying to figure out the rut cycle here in Kansas, but tomorrow's a new day. 

Day Three

With the shift in the wind and some insight on a massive buck, Locke and Colin try a different spot this morning. Their friend, Matt, told them that there is a big buck that he's seen on their trail camera that is 165-170ish inches wide. They almost couldn't NOT take a chance on tagging out on that big of a deer.

Unfortunately, the morning started a little bit rough. Locke and Colin were a little bit late getting into the stand and ended up bumping some deer out of the fields when they were walking through the corn field to their stand. The deer had been out there really early, so even another 30 minutes earlier probably wouldn't have made much of a difference. But it is never a good feeling to bump deer and then climb in a stand. But it is the rut. Who knows what can happen?

And they were right.

Just a little while later, Locke and Colin watched a nice mature doe walk into view and under their tree. She was alone, which Locke found odd with it being the rut. And 5 minutes later, Locke saw horns coming down the edge of the cornfield. A nice mature 9-point buck was coming right towards them - following the same path that the doe had taken just minutes before.

With the buck just 5 yards away, Locke took his shot. And it was perfect!

He watched the buck go about 50-60 yards away into the timber. He lost sight of the buck, but he knew he had tagged out!

As Locke and Colin, sat talking about the shot, Colin noticed a buck looking at them. Locke and Colin watched the buck and it was his buck, rubbing on a tree. Even seeing this, Locke isn't worried at all. He knew the shot he made was good and that this buck was going down.

After making sure that the buck wasn't going anywhere, Locke and Colin climb down, find his arrow, and make their way to the buck. Just 75 yards away they find him. A four or five-year-old, mature 9-point whitetail buck. There is just something special about killing a mature, whitetail buck with a bow that you shouldn't ever take for granted. 

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Southeast Kansas is an amazing place to hunt. And as far as this trip goes, it was just what you go to Kansas in November for. All the rut activity, seeing deer on their feet in the middle of the morning following does around. It's just exciting. 180 Outdoors provided an awesome opportunity for Locke and Colin to go hunt some mature whitetail bucks and they are feeling blessed for the opportunity and their success.

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