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Episode 2 - West Texas Whitetail Hunting - Skre Gear

Episode 2 - West Texas Whitetail Hunting

Good morning, guys. It is October 2nd, which is the opening day of bow season here in Texas. We're out here in Sedora, Texas. We have a lease out here and we're getting my whitetail deer hunting season kicked off up here in Texas.

We came up here for a long weekend yesterday. We got a lot of work done around the camp, around the lease feeders, stands, everything like that. Excited to be back in a tree. I've had three does - or a doe and two fawns, and small little 8 come through already.

I'm being quiet, really quiet because everything is extremely close quarters in here. I mean these deer were like maybe 10 yards away and I'm low to the ground in a 10-foot tripod. Because out here in Texas there's no trees to get high in. So we got one really big deer in here. It's like mainframe 8-point with split G2 from both sides. So I guess he's a 10.

And then we have another deer in here that is an absolute freak. Like way bigger than anything I've ever killed. So those are the two deer we are after in here. My dad's on the other side of the lease. He's got some deer over there as well. Some good exotics: Fallow, Axis, stuff like that. So, we're gonna be here for a couple days, and we're going to put some hours in the stand and see what we can get on this opening weekend here in Texas. So y'all stay tuned.

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It's about nine o'clock. I’m going to be getting down here pretty soon. Only saw those four deer - the doe, two fawns, and that little 8 early, early this morning. I was hoping something would come out a little bit later after that, but nothing did. So we are going to pack up, get out of here nice and quiet, go back to the camp, eat some breakfast, and we will be back out this evening for hunt number two. So we’ll see ya’ll in a little bit. 

It's about 4:45. First evening hunt of this trip. We're back in the same spot as we were this morning. And to set the stage, basically we’re in this draw that goes straight out in front of me, we have a hill straight behind me - it goes back up a ridge, and they got a dry creek that runs the length of this. These deer travel up and down this dry creek. Most of them either come out of the creek or they come behind me to my right down off the ridge.

Like I said, I'm probably gonna be sitting here a lot just mainly because of the two bucks that we got on camera. We're going to sit here, tuck in, and hopefully we see some more deer this evening. 

Alright, it is about nine o'clock. I’m going to be getting down here pretty soon, but it's been a pretty slow morning. Saw that doe, two fawns, and then had that young eight buck come in kind of late.

Honestly, I've been expecting to see a little bit more deer this morning because it was it was cool. It was way cooler than it has been. It's probably low 60s this morning, so I don't know what to think. But with what’s on camera, I have to be siting in this stand. There's no way I can justify going anywhere else really. We got nice deer on camera at other stands, but nowhere near the caliber of dear that we have here.

So I know ya'll are probably getting bored seeing the same scenery, but I got to stick it out. Because I just need him to come out one time - make one mistake. We're going to head back to the camp here pretty soo and we'll be back out this evening. 

It's about 4:45. Just getting settled in. This is actually going to be my last hunt for this trip. We got a little change of plans. My peep sight on my bow is coming loose - the serving is loose. So it's sliding up and down and I can barely get sited in to save my life. So right now, I actually have two zip ties holding it somewhat in place.

I was planning on staying and hunting through Monday or Tuesday, but I'm gonna go home in the morning, because I'll just be sick to my stomach if I wound one of these deer back here. So I’m going to play it smart. It's the first weekend, so I’ve still got all season to come chase these deer. So this will be my last hunt and we'll get out of here. Then I'll be back sometime in November.

In the meantime, I'll be doing some whitetail deer hunting around the house back home in Louisiana, as well as probably some with Locke as well.

It's been a good trip. Seen some deer, not quite as many as I would hope for, but we've had a good first trip. And maybe it'll happen this evening, but ya'll stay tuned. 

Well, that about wraps this hunt up. Got about 10 or 15 minutes of shooting light left. Haven't seen anything. Extremely frustrating end to a trip. But I guess that's how it goes. If I don’t see anything else before it gets dark that’ll be it. 

But y'all make sure to subscribe to the SKRE YouTube channel because we're going to be posting videos all throughout season all over the country: Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, maybe Nebraska, maybe Oklahoma.

So ya’ll stay tuned throughout the season and we are gonna try and bring ya’ll the best content we can. We’ll see ya’ll later.

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