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Mule Deer Hunting Tips

Tips for Mule Deer Hunting Success

Updated July 27, 2023 Several books have been published on finding and killing Giant Mule Deer, and all of these boo...

Hunting Mule Deer vs Whitetail

It's estimated that the combined population of whitetail and mule deer is around 36 million in the United States. Wit...

Mule Deer Hunting with Marlon Holden

It is August 22, 2022. Nevada archery hunt has already opened, the Utah archery hunt opens this weekend, and by the ...

Backcountry Muleys with Randy Ulmer and David Long

If you’re a muley aficionado you will not want to miss this episode with two of the greatest Mule deer hunters of all time. Join us as we discuss all things mule deer with mule deer author & hunter, David Long and bow hunter Hall of Famer Randy Ulmer as we talk about bow hunting big bucks in the back country. We cover topics like the art of closing the distance, Mule deer behavior, mule deer conservation, and close out the episode with hosts and guests sharing stories of their most memorable hunting adventure.

Mule Deer Habits and Behavior - The Mule Deer Hunter

Have you ever heard someone telling a hunting story of how they missed an opportunity at the buck of a lifetime, but ...

Retracing History (Colorado High Country Mulies)

We all owe a lifetime debt to someone, that first person who introduced us to the great outdoors and fueled our passi...

How To Glass For Mule Deer - The Mule Deer Hunter

When rifle hunting the high country, it can seem very overwhelming at first. There is so much country that it can be ...

Mule Deer Scouting Tips - The Mule Deer Hunter

As stated in Part 1, in my opinion what sets today’s successful trophy mule deer hunter apart from the rest of the cr...

Mule Deer Tips and Tricks - The Mule Deer Hunter

Let’s face it, everyone can get lucky on occasion. It seems like every fall we hear a similar story of how some lucky...

How to Score a Mule Deer

Boone and Crocket was founded in 1887 by President Theodore Roosevelt as a conservation and fair chase organization, ...

Hunting Mule Deer in Colorado

I have long since been enamored by mule deer - big mule deer! I recall at a very young age laying on my back in the l...
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