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Whitetail Hunting Resources

Early Season Whitetail Success

It's October and that means archery season in Louisiana, Flipp and Locke head back into the same spot where Flipp tag...

Whitetail Hunting Gear List: What You Need To Hunt Whitetail

UPDATED: 9/25/23 Are you getting ready to head out on your very first whitetail hunting trip? If so, your excitement ...

Opening Day Whitetail Hunting in Kentucky

We are in camp with the guys from The Rival TV. It’s early September and we are hunting the opener for the whitetail ...

Planting Summer Food Plots in South Louisiana

Welcome to South Louisiana, where the lush green landscape and abundant wildlife create the perfect setting for outdo...

Youth Kansas Archery Whitetail Hunt

Back in November 2021, Flipp Wheeler was able to tag out on his first Louisiana whitetail archery hunt. It is October...

Whitetail Hunting Tips - Calling During the Rut

If there's a place that you want to experience successful whitetail deer calling, the Midwest in November is that pl...

November Is For Whitetails

Whether you are in the South where it is early season or somewhere a little "hotter", November tends to be the cente...

Planting Fall Food Plots for Deer

Many people think that food plots are just used as bait piles for hunting whitetail deer. While food plots are often ...

Keeping A Hunting Journal with Warren Womack

Today on our show we have Mr. Warren Womack. Warren Womack has been a whitetail hunting enthusiast for 56 years and ...

Late Summer Scouting for Whitetail Deer

It is late summer, which means hunters are getting ready for the fall hunting season. Like so many hunters that have...

How To Setup A Trail Camera | Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips

It's late summer and the first Whitetail hunting seasons are going to start opening around the country before you kno...

Whitetail Calling Strategy

Using whitetail calls is not one of the most common ways to hunt whitetail, because - generally speaking - whitetail ...
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