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Whitetail Hunting Resources

Hang and Hunt: Whitetail Hunting Strategies

Hey guys, it's Locke with SKRE. And I want to go over today a very popular, and can be very effective, method of whit...

Mock Whitetail Scrapes: Whitetail Strategies

Hey everybody, this is Tyson Harris, with Harris Outfitters. It is early September and we're out trying to get invent...

Saddle Hunting Gear: Whitetail Hunting Strategies

What’s going on guys? This is Collin. Today I’m going to talk to you about my setup and saddle hunting gear. It's wha...

Episode 2 - West Texas Whitetail Hunting

Good morning, guys. It is October 2nd, which is the opening day of bow season here in Texas. We're out here in Sedora...

Episode 1 - Early season whitetail hunting in Missouri

We're in the Dallas airport and it's Monday evening September the 20th. We're on our way to Missouri for some whiteta...

Kansas Whitetail Hunting

Introduction Locke Wheeler: All right. Welcome to another episode or segment of SKRE Country Live. And as usual, when...

When To Call for Whitetail Bucks

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 in South Louisiana marked the first real feel of fall weather, at least in one man’s opinio...
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