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Whitetail Hunting Resources

Cold Weather Hunting Clothing for Late Season Whitetail

Let's talk about late-season whitetail hunting and staying warm. We're going to go over what I would say would be fiv...

Layering for Late-Season Whitetail Hunt

Layering for a late-season whitetail hunt is a very broad topic. It's asked a lot because as whitetail hunters, one o...

Packing for Midwest Whitetail Hunt

Hey guys! It's Locke with SKRE. And I want to take a minute to go over the way that we pack when we go on our Midwest...

Caping a Whitetail Buck

I'm gonna go over caping a whitetail buck for taxidermy. I know in the past, for myself, I've been on YouTube and dif...

5 Essential Pieces of Gear for the Midwest Whitetail Rut

Alright, so we're packing up getting ready to leave from our annual November Midwest rut hunt. And I want to take a m...

Episode 8 - Kansas Whitetail Hunt During The Rut

It's almost 1 o'clock in a tree stand in Kansas. Locke and Colin finally got their stand set up in a nice spot above...

Episode 7 - Missouri Whitetail Rut Hunt

November in Missouri means one thing for whitetail hunters - the rut hunt. Colin and Locke drove from Louisiana and h...

Episode 6 - West Texas Whitetail Hunt

It's the opening weekend for Colin's west Texas whitetail rifle hunt and he's back and his same lease that he hunted ...

Episode 5 - Hunting Whitetail in Louisiana

This October in Louisiana has been a warm one, which kept Collin from going out hunting whitetail...until now. With ...

Episode 4 - Whitetail Hunting in Michigan

It's October 1st, which means the opening day of the whitetail archery hunt in Michigan. Even though it is warmer tha...

Episode 3 - Archery Hunt in Louisiana

Flipp Wheeler has been playing J.V. football, so even though the whitetail archery hunt in Louisiana started a week ...

Hang and Hunt: Whitetail Hunting Strategies

Hey guys, it's Locke with SKRE. And I want to go over today a very popular, and can be very effective, method of whit...
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