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Early Season Whitetail Success

Early Season Whitetail Success

It's October and that means archery season in Louisiana, Flipp and Locke head back into the same spot where Flipp tagged his first buck with a bow several years ago.

Setting the Stage

It's the second hunt of the year, and we've chosen an area where we’ve had success before. The anticipation in the air is high as Flipp recalls the first buck he took down with a bow, right at this very spot, about two years ago. Just a week ago, we spotted the same buck we've been tracking this season. He's been a regular visitor, making a daily appearance about 20 yards from our stand. We’re hoping that he’ll make a visit to this spot today. 

Whitetail Season is Upon Us

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The Moment of Truth

Later in the morning, we spot the buck feeding intro range. We wait patiently in our stand, hoping for a shot opportunity. When the buck finally gives him the chance, Flipp takes the shot. "I think I hit him" Flipp says to Locke. There’s a moment of uncertainty as we wait…

After waiting for about 45 minutes, we come down from the tree stand to go and look for the buck. Adrenaline is pumping as we head to the spot where the buck was shot. The excitement is undeniable as we start the search for blood, a crucial step in tracking where the buck might have gone. 

The Reward

And we’re successful! We located the buck, and it's time to get down to business. It took some effort to retrieve our buck, as he ran about a hundred yards after the shot, leading us through some dense terrain. We had to use our side by side to transport him back, but it's all worth it.


This year marks our third season at this very spot, and it's our fourth year archery hunting. Starting the season off with a buck is a tremendous boost of confidence, and we're crossing our fingers for more successful hunts ahead.

Stay tuned for more hunting stories, SKRE Gear reviews, and other fun things that we have planned here at SKRE. Be sure to check our Youtube channel for more SKRE content and whitetail deer hunting videos. And if you are in need of any whitetail hunting gear, make sure to checkout our whitetail specific bundles from SKRE.

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