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Youth Kansas Archery Whitetail Hunt - Skre Gear

Youth Kansas Archery Whitetail Hunt

Back in November 2021, Flipp Wheeler was able to tag out on his first Louisiana whitetail archery hunt. It is October 2022 and he's back to try and punch his tag again; This time for his first Kansas whitetail hunt!

Success on a Kansas Whitetail Doe

Flipp and his dad, Locke, travelled all night to hunt whitetail in Kansas. They arrived early the morning of October 14, got a few hours sleep, and decided to hop in a stand with just a few hours of daylight left hoping that they would see something. 

Flipp watched as a doe walked out beside him, hopped the fence, and get a drink of water. He was able to stop her and take a solid shot. They found her not even 100 yards away. But the hunt's not over yet... Even though Flipp has filled his doe tag, he is hoping to tag a buck.

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Not All "Sits" Work Out

The first morning hunt wasn't as successful for Flipp. He sat in the stand hoping to see some action, but by about 9:30 am they ended their morning hunt, having only seen a few does.

3rd Stand Sit

That afternoon, Flipp and Locke decided to try a new location near a cornfield. They've had some luck getting some whitetail bucks on camera in the area for the last few days, so they are hoping those bucks will continue that pattern.

Flipp and Locke were right on target. They watched as a few bucks started coming out into shooting range and feeding around. It took patience on Flipp's part - just waiting for the perfect shot. After about 5 minutes, the buck finally stepped into position, giving Flipp a great side-shot.

Flipp took his shot and watched as it made solid contact with the buck. A solid lung shot that caused the buck to start stumbling pretty quickly when he was running off.

Tagged Out

Youth Kansas Whitetail Hunt

After giving the buck plenty of time, Flipp and Locke got down from the stand to find Flipp's buck. They found him just across a fence.

"This is the greatest hunt. He's got this cool little kicker right here that goes straight back... This is one of the biggest bucks I've ever killed. And I'm proud of this one."

As Flipp and Locke were waiting to track the buck that he shot, they watched as a large eight point buck wandered into the property behind them. And while Flipp is tagged out on a solid Kansas whitetail buck, Locke still has a tag to fill... 

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