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Whitetail Hunting Gear List: What You Need To Hunt Whitetail

Whitetail Hunting Gear List: What You Need To Hunt Whitetail

Are you getting ready to head out on your very first whitetail hunting trip? If so, your excitement levels are likely at an all-time high.

It isn't going to take you very long to realize why between 9 and 10 million Americans go whitetail deer hunting each year. There isn't anything quite like putting on your hunting clothing and soaking up everything whitetail deer hunting season has to offer.

To help build up the anticipation, you may want to poke around online to find whitetail hunting videos. You should also start stocking up on the whitetail hunting gear you'll need to check off on your hunting packing list.

It would be well worth splurging on all the things you'll need to make your first foray into the forest to hunt whitetail deer a success. This will include a rifle or bow, high end hunting clothing, and so much more.

Learn all about the whitetail hunting gear you'll need below.

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Begin by Getting Your Hands on the Basics

When you're preparing for your initial whitetail hunting experience, the first thing you'll need to do is decide where this hunting adventure will take place. Are you going to stay in the state where you live or travel to a different state to go whitetail hunting?

One of the beautiful things about going whitetail deer hunting is that you can do it in nearly any state. There are whitetail deer in almost all 50 states.

It might be a good idea to stay close to home when you're first hunting for whitetail deer so that you're able to get your feet wet so to speak before branching out to other states. But no matter where you decide to go hunting, it'll be important to make a decision sooner rather than later. Your destination is going to help determine which whitetail hunting gear you'll need to get first.

Here are several of the most basic things you'll need to secure for your first whitetail deer hunting trip.

Hunting License

Once you know where you'd like to take your first whitetail deer hunting trip, you should look around online to see when the whitetail deer hunting season is in this particular state. You should also look into obtaining a hunting license in this state so that you'll be allowed to legally hunt for whitetail deer in it.

Each individual state that offers whitetail deer hunting has its own rules and regulations in place. You'll want to educate yourself on these rules and regulations so that you're able to follow them and avoid getting yourself into any trouble when you start hunting for whitetail deer.

Rifle or Bow

Are you planning to go whitetail deer hunting with a rifle or a bow? More often than not, those who are just starting to hunt whitetail deer will go with a rifle versus a bow, though you're welcome to choose whichever option you would like.

Either way, it'll be important for you to purchase the best rifle or bow you can find.

It'll increase your chances of being successful during your first whitetail deer hunting trip.

Some of the best rifles for hunting whitetails are:

  • Winchester Model 70 
  • Remington 700 
  • Seekins Precision Havak Element
  • Henry Lever Action X Model
  • GA Precision Xtreme Hunter

Some of the best bows for hunting whitetails are:

  • Bear
  • Hoyt 
  • Mathews
  • PSE

Ideally, you should start shopping around for the right rifle or bow for your whitetail deer hunting trip at least a few months in advance of it. It'll give you plenty of time to track down the best option of the bunch and familiarize yourself with it.

Ammunition or Arrows

Regardless of whether you opt to go with a rifle or a bow, you'll have to secure all the ammunition or arrows you'll need to set out on a successful whitetail deer hunt. It's another part of the reason why you should try to find the rifle or bow you want to buy long before it's time to head out on your hunting trip.

By doing this, you'll give yourself more than enough time to locate the right ammunition or arrows for your rifle or bow. You won't have to worry about scrambling at the last second to secure it. It'll also provide you with the opportunity to get some practice in with your preferred rifle or bow so that you're all ready to go when the time comes.

Tree Stand

You don't necessarily need to hunt for whitetail deer from a tree stand. But doing it will provide you with access to a wide range of benefits from the second your whitetail deer hunting trip begins.

For starters, a tree stand is going to make it difficult for whitetail deer to detect your presence. It'll also help you get a better view of what's going on all around you and

ensure you're able to get the best possible shot off when you set your sights on a whitetail deer you want to bag.

For all these reasons, you should consider purchasing one of the best tree stands money can buy. A few of the options you'll want to think about going with are the:

  • Summit Dual Axis
  • Millennium M150 Monster
  • Hawk Helium Pro

If you aren't in love with the idea of hunting for whitetail deer from a tree stand, using a hunting saddle or a hunting blind will also be good choices. Each of these things will provide you with the protection you'll need as you hunt whitetail deer and make it very hard for the deer to detect you.


As we're about to delve into, there's an array of essential whitetail hunting gear to carry while pursuing this deer species. Thus, having a premium hunting backpack is essential, ensuring all necessities are easily accessible during your hunt.

The best hunting backpacks will be the ones that are both lightweight and durable. They should also have lots of compartments that you can use to keep all your whitetail hunting gear stashed away but very easy to find at a moment's notice.

Need Whitetail Camo?

SKRE Gear® has a variety of high quality hunting clothes designed specifically with whitetail hunting in mind.

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Deer Scent

Whitetail deer have excellent sense of smell. Their sense of smell allows them to know when danger may be near. 

With this in mind, it'll be a great idea for you to pack deer scent away in your hunting backpack. Deer scent can be used to trick whitetail deer into thinking there are other deer in the area where you'll set up shop. It'll also mask any odors you might be letting off and allow you to go undetected while you're whitetail deer hunting. Another tip is to stay down wind of any animals that you are trying to hunt. Wind is a major factor in not having your scent carry.

Deer Calls

Deer scent isn't the only thing you can use to attract whitetail deer to the area in which you'll be hunting. You should also look into the possibility of using deer calls to get whitetail deer to come around.



As we mentioned earlier, you're going to be able to enjoy an amazing vantage point when you set up a tree stand for whitetail deer hunting. You'll be able to see everything going on all around you.

But even still, it never hurts to have a pair of good hunting binoculars in your hunting backpack. It'll give you a chance to take a closer look at any whitetail deer you might spot in the area where you'll be hunting.

Range Finder

There are some hunters who will attach scopes to their rifles or bows so that they can get a great glimpse of a whitetail deer from a far distance while they're trying to line up a shot. If you happen to have a scope with a range finder built in your rifle or bow, you won't need to invest in a separate range finder. Be sure to check your state regulations before you go purchase a range finder

But otherwise, it'll help you to have a range finder around. A range finder can be used to sneak a peek at how far away a whitetail deer is so that you can get a shot off more accurately.

Just make sure you buy a range finder that is specifically designed for hunting rather than one made for golfing. A golf range finder isn't going to be as accurate as you'll need it to be when you're on a whitetail deer hunting excursion.

Hunting Knife

In a perfect world, your first whitetail deer hunting trip will end with you taking down your very first deer. If this is the way in which things play out, you'll want to have a hunting knife handy so that you're able to skin a deer and cut up the meat from it.

If you're ever in a bind, you can also find many other uses for a hunting knife when you're out in the wild. You should look high and low for a high-quality hunting knife that you can keep by your side throughout your first hunting adventure.

Food and Water

Staying nourished and hydrated throughout a whitetail deer hunting trip will be of the utmost importance. If you aren't eating and drinking enough during the day, you'll pay the price for it.

Be sure to find room in your hunting backpack for the snacks and water that you'll need to keep yourself going. You'll regret not bringing these things along if you leave them back at home.

Start Stockpiling Great Whitetail Hunting Clothing

You didn't think we were going to put together an entire list of whitetail hunting gear and not include hunting clothing, did you? We sure hope not. You could make the argument that the whitetail hunting clothing you put on for your first hunting trip could make or break it.

When you're buying hunting clothing for a whitetail deer hunting trip, you should give thought to what the weather will be like and shop accordingly. There are some articles of hunting clothing that will be better for mild and dry weather than others.

Here is all the whitetail hunting clothing you'll need to have at your disposal prior to heading out on your first hunting trip.

Base Layers

If the weather is going to be on the cooler side during your first whitetail deer hunting trip, base layers will be an absolute necessity. They're going to be the key to you staying warm throughout the duration of your trip.

A Merino wool base layer will typically be your best bet when warmth will be important. Something like this Merino wool long-sleeve crewneck shirt will work wonders for you when you wear it underneath the rest of the hunting clothing you put on.

Shirts and Tops

If you're going to be hunting for whitetail deer in frigid temperatures, Merino wool shirts and tops can serve as your base layer. But you're also free to wear these kinds of Merino wool hunting clothes as your mid or outer layer as well.

Something like this Merino wool hoodie might be all you'll need to stay warm when it isn't too cold out. As an added bonus, this hoodie will also be camo-colored so that you won't stand out when you're sitting in a tree stand or a hunting blind.

Jackets and Vests

If you plan to hunt for whitetail deer in an area that is projected to be very cold, you won't want to leave home without the right jackets and vests. You might be forced to cut your first hunting trip short if you attempt to hunt without the right cold-weather whitetail hunting gear.

From light jackets and rain jackets to late-season jackets and down jackets, you'll be able to choose from any number of options. It wouldn't hurt to pack at least two different jackets for a whitetail deer hunting trip so that you have options just in case it's warmer or colder than you anticipated.

Just like with shirts and tops, though, you should avoid any brightly-colored jackets and vests. Camo-colored jackets and vests will work best since they'll make it more difficult for whitetail deer to spot you.


You're going to be exposed to the elements for hours on end when you're hunting for whitetail deer. So you should make sure you're wearing more than just a jacket or vest that's appropriate for the weather.

You'll also want to put on a pair of heavy-duty hunting pants that matches your jacket. These pants should also be camo-colored, and they should be every bit as heavy or light as your jacket so that you're able to maintain the same temperature throughout your body.

You should also keep in mind that you're most likely going to be sitting down in a tree stand or in a hunting blind for long stretches of time. It could lead to an ordinary pair of pants getting wet or even just becoming uncomfortable over the course of a day.


Are you thinking about putting on a pair of work boots or, worse, a pair of athletic shoes during your whitetail deer hunting trip? This might end up being one of the biggest mistakes you make during your entire trip.

Sneakers and even work boots won't always provide you with the comfort and protection you'll need while you're hunting for whitetail deer. You're going to be doing your fair share of walking around when you hunt and exposing your feet to everything from wet grass to ankle-deep mud.

You'll need to secure a durable pair of hunting boots that can keep your feet comfortable and dry all day long.


At this point, you'll have almost all the whitetail hunting clothing you'll need to stay warm and dry as you hunt. But why not top your hunting outfits off by getting your hands on some of the best hunting gear accessories around?

Some examples of the accessories you should buy include:

  • Hunting gloves
  • Hunting neck gaiters
  • Hunting belt
  • Hunting balaclava

You might even want to spring for a few pairs of Merino wool socks. They'll keep your feet so warm when you're faced with wintry conditions while also keeping them as comfortable as they can get.

Need Whitetail Camo?

SKRE Gear® has a variety of high quality hunting clothes designed specifically with whitetail hunting in mind.

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Why Not Buy a Whitetail Hunting Clothing Bundle?

At SKRE, we specialize in selling all the whitetail hunting clothing that we just touched on. Whether you'd like to buy a Merino wool base layer, a late-season jacket, or one of the hunting accessories we just talked about, we can set you up with it.

But we can also do you one better. If you'd like to avoid having to create your own collection of whitetail hunting clothing, we have special bundles that'll check all the right boxes for you. Here are the bundles that we can set you up with today.

Whitetail Starter Bundle

If you're going on your first whitetail deer hunting trip, you can't go wrong with our whitetail starter bundle. It includes:

  • Uinta Early Season Pant
  • Kaibab 150 Merino Wool Top 1/4 Zipper
  • Grid Lite Jacket
  • Merino Neck Gaiter

This bundle will get your whitetail hunting clothing collection off to a fantastic start.

Early Season Whitetail Bundle

Is your first whitetail deer hunting trip going to take place when the weather is still on the milder side? Then our early season whitetail bundle might provide you with everything you'll need. It includes:

  • Wasatch Crew Top
  • Wasatch Bottoms
  • Uinta Early Season Pant
  • Grid Lite Jacket
  • Bowen 150 Balaclava

You'll be ready to face a bunch of different weather conditions when you have this whitetail bundle on your hunting packing list.

Extreme All-Season Whitetail Bundle

Do you want to make sure you're prepared to hunt for whitetail deer no matter what Mother Nature might throw at you? The extreme all-season whitetail bundle has everything you could possibly want in it. It includes:

If you know your first whitetail deer hunting trip won't be your last, this might be the best bundle for you.

Invest in the Right Whitetail Hunting Gear

Securing the basics for whitetail deer hunting will often be the most time-consuming part of preparing for your first hunting trip. But it'll be worth all the time you put into it since it'll lay down a solid foundation for your first trip and all the trips that will come after it.

If you buy, say, the wrong rifle or a tree stand that doesn't work as well as you hoped, it could ruin your first trip. It might even make you want to swear off hunting for good. It's why it'll be important to take your time while shopping for these basics before moving on to buying other whitetail hunting gear.

Here are some of the items you'll want to start packing away in your hunting backpack to improve your odds of enjoying a successful first hunting adventure.

Shop For the Best Whitetail Hunting Gear Here

SKRE has you covered when it comes to the latest and greatest whitetail hunting clothing. We invite you to browse through everything our whitetail hunting camo collection has to offer. It'll help put you in a position to enjoy every single second of your first hunting adventure.


  • Hunting License
  • Weapon and Ammo
    • Bow and Arrow/Broadheads OR Rifle and Ammunition
  • Backpack
  • Deer Scent
  • Calls
  • Binoculars
  • Range Finder
  • Hunting Knife
  • Food
  • Water
  • Whitetail Hunting Clothes
    • Merino Wool Base Layers
    • Hunting Jacket/Vest
    • Camo Hunting Pants
    • Longsleeve Camo Shirt
    • Hunting Boots
    • Merino Wool Socks
  • Tree Stand (optional)
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