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Skre Stories

#SKRECountry Podcast Episode 10: In Camp with The RivalTV

We are sharing Kentucky velvet season opener camp with the guys from The RivalTV. Blair Goins, Bart Goins, Joe Shults...

SKRE Team meets with Travis Roundy

Welcome to our SKRE country broadcast, where we dive into the exciting world of hunting and taxidermy. Today, we have...

Alaskan Caribou Hunt of 2018

Introduction Our founder Mike Nielson decided to take a few of the crew to go up to Alaska and go on a caribou hunt. ...

SKRE Grizz Country

Flying into Camp It's day number one of our Alaskan grizzly bear hunt. I've got a tag and my cousin, Jared, here's go...

Multi-Colored Bulls In The Desert

His black and white mask stared deeply in our direction, the anorexic desert scrub brush we attempted to hide behind ...

Beyond Adventure - Alaska Sitka Blacktail Hunt

As I meticulously managed my last few steps around the final alder patch I found myself face to face with the heavy f...

Ty Martin "Big Buck Down" 2020 Deer Hunt

Going into the 2020 season, I had already made up my mind that I wanted to put my tag on a big, mature buck during th...

Turkey Hunting Adventures with Locke Wheeler

When it comes to hunting, every outdoors enthusiast has a story to tell – whether it's about the chase, the strategy,...

SKRE Stories - Joseph Baldwin

I’ll preface this by saying I haven’t seen any pictures of waterfowlers wearing SKRE gear, so I may have a first ther...

Dave Petersen Hunting 2018 in Review

After ordering my first extreme all season bundle in the Summit pattern at the Denver expo in 2018, I have since adde...

Derek Selby's Mule Deer Buck

Had a trip planned to MT for November since early this year. I knew talking to a few people I needed to plan on weat...

Skre Success by Brad Mincic

SKRE SUCCESS!! I harvested this beautiful mountain goat on September the 4th. This hunt actually started back in Apr...
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