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Skre Interview with Locke Wheeler - Skre Gear

Turkey Hunting Adventures with Locke Wheeler

When it comes to hunting, every outdoors enthusiast has a story to tell – whether it's about the chase, the strategy, or even the unexpected moments that unfold in the wilderness. In this post, we're diving into the world of turkey hunting and sharing an intriguing tale that involves a surprising encounter with a Buddhist monk in the woods.

Understanding the Art of Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting is a sport that demands skill, patience, and an understanding of the bird's behavior. Successful turkey hunting involves a strategic approach to calling and luring these elusive creatures into range. Gobbling, strutting, and flying down from roosts are all essential parts of a turkey's daily routine, and hunters leverage this knowledge to create a captivating experience.

The Dance of Gobbling and Strutting

In the world of turkey hunting, the gobble is like a symphony that draws hunters in. The gobble is the male turkey's way of attracting hens and establishing his dominance. When a turkey gobbles, it's a call that echoes across the landscape, inviting hens to come to him. He struts and displays, putting on a show to prove his worthiness to the hens and entice them into his embrace. But how does a hunter turn this ritual to their advantage?

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The Challenge of the Hunt

Understanding the dynamics of turkey behavior is crucial for a successful hunt. When a gobbler is strutting and gobbling from a distance, the challenge is to break the dynamic and convince him to come to you. After all, in his mind, he expects the hens to respond to his calls and join him. This is where the hunter's skills in calling, positioning, and terrain knowledge come into play.

Adapting to Terrain and Turkey Species

The landscape and turkey species vary widely across different regions, adding complexity to the hunt. Different turkey species include Easterns, Rios, Merriam's, Osceolas, and Goulds, each with its unique characteristics and habitats. From the dense woods of the Eastern turkey's territory to the open plains where Rios thrive, understanding the terrain and the turkey's behavior within it is paramount.

A Remarkable Encounter: The Buddhist Monk

Now, let's shift gears to a truly unexpected encounter Locke had on this hunt. He had an encountering with a Buddhist monk while turkey hunting. Picture a serene morning in the mountains, where hunters are navigating the woods in pursuit of their prey. Suddenly, a figure appears on the trail ahead – a Buddhist monk. Clad in a deerskin robe and wearing earbuds, this peaceful visitor's presence in the midst of a hunting expedition baffles the hunters.

As they watch the monk pass by, the hunters realize that the monk's journey had likely started long before daylight, making his appearance all the more mysterious. While the monk's presence brings intrigue, it also highlights the unexpected moments that can unfold in the wild, reminding us that nature's secrets can take many forms.

A Shared Love for the Outdoors

In the end, whether you're on a turkey hunt or enjoying the solitude of the wilderness, the unpredictability of nature adds an extra layer of excitement to any outdoor adventure. The tales of turkey hunts and encounters like the one with the Buddhist monk serve as a testament to the diverse experiences that the natural world has to offer.

So, the next time you venture into the woods, remember that there's more to the hunt than just the pursuit of game – there's a world of wonder and discovery waiting to unfold in every step you take. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel and watch our interview with Locke to get more stories! Also check out our website so you can be prepared for your next hunting adventures. 

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