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Derek Selby's Mule Deer Buck - Skre Gear

Derek Selby's Mule Deer Buck

Had a trip planned to MT for November since early this year. I knew talking to a few people I needed to plan on weather ranging from frigid cold to 60 degrees as the weather always seems to change. I had always run Cabelas gear camo because it was in my price range. I knew this wasn’t going to cut it on this trip. After reading reviews and talking to people I was pointed to SKRE gear. Man does it work! With ordering it only 2 weeks before the trip I was able to wear it only once in 45 degree weather. Seemed warm enough fast forward a week later to our first day of hunting. Woke up to 1 degree weather and a wind chill factor of -20 degrees. I was wearing my SKRE Hardscrabble pants with sweats and thermals underneath along with the SKRE Ptarmigan 850 down jacket with long sleeve shirt and sweatshirt under it. For how COLD it really was outside I was quite warm.

We finished our first day hiking seeing a few bucks no shots but we knew we were on the right track. 2nd morning after leaving  the truck me and a buddy were able to put down his first deer ever a little basket rack 4x4. We spent the remainder of the day hiking about 8 miles nice and slow stopping and glassing on knolls. After passing a few smaller bucks we decided to start making our way back to the truck. When we got to about a mile from the truck my buddy caught a glimpse of white on the opposite hillside. A quick look through the spotting scope I knew this was a buck I wanted. We snuck down the hillside and up the other side to 108 yards from this beautiful buck. 1 shot put him down where he stood. After our pack out I knew I couldn’t have braved enough of this weather without my SKRE gear. Highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for high quality gear at an affordable price!

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