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Alaskan Caribou Hunt of 2018-Skre Gear

Alaskan Caribou Hunt of 2018


Our founder Mike Nielson decided to take a few of the crew to go up to Alaska and go on a caribou hunt. In this article, we are going to recap how their trip went and what happened during it.

The first day of this hunt after everyone got situated was not very eventful. The weather wasn’t super great and everyone was disappointed at that, we still trekked through. Mike, our cameraman, and Mike decided to take a walk and see what could be good advantage points for the rest of the hunters. As we were looking at the potential bulls, our luck changed and we saw a beautiful bull and made our way towards him. 

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Slow start

They carefully approached the ridge overlooking the bull's location, but as luck would have it, he disappeared from sight. Moments later, they spotted him on a distant flatland. Determined not to let him slip away, Mike readied his gun, an old reliable LR 1000, and took a shot from a distance of 810 yards. With the bull down for good, they felt a surge of excitement. Though the overall caribou sightings had been scarce, this lone bull was a prize worth pursuing. 

After Mike successfully filled his tag for the hunt, they made their way through the beautiful terrain of the Alaskan mountains. Along the way, they encountered some other wildlife and even had encounters with foxes at camp. Even though no one was really having a lot of luck getting a bull, the scenery was worth it. 

Success on the Last Day

The last few days of the hunt were hard for Mike and the rest of the hunters as they weren’t really finding a lot of bulls. However, right when they were about to give up and go up a different ridge they came across a whole herd of caribou. Within a few minutes, everyone had gotten their tags filled and ended up having a successful caribou hunting experience. 


This caribou hunt was a roller coaster from start to finish. If you want to have an inside look at what everyone was feeling and thinking be sure to check out our Alaska Caribou Hunt video on our Youtube channel. Make sure you subscribe to stay updated on future hunts!

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