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Product Reviews

Grid Lite Camo Jacket

If you are familiar with Skre's product line, you'll recognize that the Lost Peak Jacket got a little bit of a make-o...

Whitetail Hunting Clothes: 3 Must Have Pieces of Gear

We're taking a break between hunts here at Harris Outfitters. We're on our early season whitetail hunt in Missouri, a...

5 Pieces of Hunting Clothing That Never Leave My Pack

Every hunt has its unique challenges, conditions and terrain. You should carefully consider exactly what types of con...

Skre Gear Camo (Hardscrabble) Hunting Vest

Hey guys. My name's Jeff Osborne. I just want to take a couple of minutes of your time and talk about some of my favo...

8 Reasons Why I Invest in Quality Hunting Clothing

Let’s be real for a second; hunting camo is not going to make you a better hunter.  Untold numbers of big game animal...

Lightweight Hunting Clothes

There is a good reason many of the old timers utilized horse flesh to haul their gear up the mountain. Gear back in t...

Hardscrabble Jacket

Most hunters would admit having a few pieces of gear that go everywhere with them. I'm talking about the "go to" gear...

Gearing Up

Big Price Tag was not Always Indicative of Quality Try as I may, I've never talked to a hunter who has said, "I'd lik...
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