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#GearUpForSuccess Newfoundland Moose

#GearUpForSuccess Newfoundland Moose

Today, we have a special treat for you straight from the rugged terrains of Newfoundland. Clede from The Journey Television has been braving the wilderness, alongside his colleague Matt, and they’ve taken some SKRE Gear on this epic adventure. 

Now, our duo has been in Newfoundland for four action-packed days. It’s day four, and Clede figured it’s time he shared the lowdown on the SKRE setup they’ve trusted for this journey. When it comes to battling elements that swing between thirty and seventy degrees, the gear you've got can make or break the experience.

Moose Season is Upon Us

The SKRE Gear® Great Alaskan Bundles is designed to be durable and comfortable so you can stay focused on tracking down and don't miss out on the chance to experience the great outdoors with the best gear available.

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Choosing the Hunting Clothing

Base Layers

Kicking things off with the base layers. Clede and Matt didn’t take any chances. They armed themselves with merino wool base layers, which is the best hunting base layer. Ranging from the Kaibab Merino Wool 150 to 300, ready for whatever mood Mother Nature was in. Given that Newfoundland's weather can mimic mini-Alaska out of the blue, the comfort, warmth, and breathability of merino wool were crucial.

Hunting Pants

But that's just the foundation. Clede swears by the Hardscrabble pants he's been practically living in. They're the epitome of comfort meets functionality, tailored for the active hunter. The side zips are awesome, providing on-the-go ventilation during long hikes. And when paired with the Hardscrabble vest, they’re the perfect pair.

Camo Hunting Jacket

The Grid Lite Jacket was another favorite from the week. It’s a full zip-up hoodie

that's been a lifesaver for those times when the chill starts to bite. It’s perfect for when it’s a little bit cooler in the morning but perfect for the afternoon. But the star of the show has been the Ptarmigan puffy. This gem is as lightweight as they come, compact enough to slide into the pack without a second thought, yet is still super warm. And it can be easily tucked up into the top of the pack making it easy to store more necessities. 

Success In Newfoundland

Here’s the real kicker - Matt nailed a successful moose hunt on day one, and since moving to the spike camp, there have been zero complaints about their SKRE gear. If anything, it’s proven to be the reliable partner every hunter dreams of.

Navigating through the wilderness, tracking down your prey, and ultimately making that successful shot requires more than skill. It demands mental and physical preparedness, and yes, the right gear. SKRE understands the fears and frustrations that come with high-stakes hunting: the dread of gear failure, the anxiety over physical and mental readiness, and the simple desire to have hunting clothes that just works.


So, if you find yourself nodding along, understanding the pulse of a true hunter, check out Whether you're a backcountry hunter or a follower of epic outdoor channels and brands, there's something for everyone. And for those real-time adrenaline-pumping stories, don’t forget to tag along with Clede and Matt on The Journey Television.

Stay tuned, stay prepared, and most importantly, stay geared up with SKRE. Because when you’re out there, facing the wild, your gear is more than just clothing. And we're here to ensure it’s the best hunting clothing out there. Happy hunting!

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