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Skre Gear Camo (Hardscrabble) Hunting Vest - Skre Gear

Skre Gear Camo (Hardscrabble) Hunting Vest

Hey guys. My name's Jeff Osborne. I just want to take a couple of minutes of your time and talk about some of my favorite articles of clothing that SKRE Gear offers. Today, we're going over some vests. We have it here in the Solace pattern, and I'm wearing currently the Summit pattern - This is new for them this year. 

Hardscrabble Hunting Vest

SKRE Gear® hunting clothing series is durable, lightweight, and has unique concealment for any terrain.

Get Your Hardscrabble Hunting Vest

A vest is something that is a huge part of my layering system, whether it's early-season wearing it over a short sleeve, any of their Merino wool short sleeves or their long sleeves as the outer layer, or added to any of the other Hardscrabble jackets or any of their other jackets as just part of the layering system throughout October, November, and even into December, if I need to. 

I'm a huge bow hunter. So the fact that I can keep my core warm without losing any mobility in my arms is a huge reason as to why I wear a vest. I always make the reference, you're going to look like the kid from the Christmas story, with his arms straight out, and you can't bend. Anybody that's used multiple layers during the late season knows that feeling of when you go to drawback, just having way too many layers on your sleeves.

Again, a vest is going to greatly, greatly help reduce that down and keep your core warm. I'm just going to go over some of the features in this jacket. It is a softshell material. Whitetail hunters, don't be scared of the words softshell. It's a very quiet softshell.

And Whitetail hunters, for some reason, seem to be very conscious of noises like that with material. But again, no noise at all.It's got two front zippers. Plenty of room on either side. Good for phones, rangefinders, anything like that. It has nice deep pockets on the sides for your chest. Again, whatever you want to keep in there, feel free. They are vented, so if you do get warm, it actually will let air in and out to help keep your body temperature regulated better. 

Just like all of SKRE's jackets, they have bungees on both sides to help adjust your waistband to make it more comfortable. Whether you need to relax that because you have layers underneath it, or you can crimp them down to keep it tighter against your body, you can do either or with this. A full zipper and a nice, soft inner fleece liner. An inside pocket as well for whatever you like to keep in there. It can get down to nine degrees here in Maine sometimes in November or even colder. I'll throw away one of those hand warmers in there just to help keep my core warm, so I don't have to wear as many layers. A really soft fleece liner on the collar as well as inside. 

So again, this is their new Solace pattern. This is their Summit pattern. If you guys have any questions, concerns, comments, not sure what you want to get to add to your layering system, I highly, highly recommend you check out the Hardscrabble vest from SKRE Gear. You can check them out right on Any questions, let them know. I hope this little video on the benefits of using a vest to keep your core warm was helpful for you guys when you're researching what to add to your layering system for this coming fall.
If you want to save some money and get setup with an amazing packing that includes the Hardscrabble vest, make sure to check out SKRE Gear's Early Season Bundle.

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