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Whitetail Deer Hunting Clothes: 3 Must Have Pieces of Gear

Locke Wheeler is at Harris Outfitters for his early season whitetail hunt in Missouri, but took some time to review his three "must-have" pieces of whitetail deer hunting clothes.

Best Whitetail Deer Hunting Clothes

SKRE Gear® has a variety of high quality hunting clothing designed specifically to help whitetail hunters experience a successful hunting season.

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Camo Hunting Pants

The Uinta pant is a great lightweight option to help keep you comfortable during those early season hunts. Some of the features of these camo hunting pants are:

  • Zippered leg pockets
  • Zippered hips for increase ventilation
  • Grip waistband to keep your shirt tucked in

But the most impressive feature of the Uinta pant is that even though it is lightweight, it is very durable. Locke has put one pair of pants through turkey season and early whitetail season for three years with them looking as good as new.

Hunting Neck Gaiter

A choice that may seem a little surprising is actually a hunting neck gaiter. The Ibex 170 neck gaiter is made from merino wool, so it is extremely light weight, moisture wicking, and comfortable against the skin. But more than it's comfort, it provides some additional benefits especially during early eason whitetail hunting:

  1. Additional Warmth: Sometimes it can get a little chilly in those early morning sits and a gaiter is a great way to add additional warmth when needed. And because of it's lightweight design it's really easy to pull up or down as needed.
  2. Pest Control: If you hunt early season whitetail, you know that there are going to be bugs. Gnats and mesquitos are all but garaunteed to start bothering you later in the evenings, so having a gaiter is a great barrier to keep those bugs at bay.

Merino Wool Hunting Base Layer

While it's common to layer a base layer top with something like a vest or lightweight hunting jacket for additional warmth, having a good merino wool hunting base layer is a must for any hunt. The Skre 150 Merino Wool Base Layer shirt is one of the best merino wool base layers for hunting on the market.

It is made from a lightweight merino wool, which provides moisture wicking capabilities to help keep you cool when you are sweating, warm when it is cooler, and anti-microbial features to help with scent-control.

There are three different shirt styles offered in our 150 merino wool base layers:

  1. Short Sleeve
  2. Long Sleeve Crew Neck
  3. Long Sleeve Quarter Zip Neck

Some hunters may opt for base layer pants as well if your legs tend to get cold sitting in the tree stand.

Shop Best Whitetail Hunting Clothes

We hope that you've found this helpful as you are getting ready to gear up for the whitetail woods this hunting season. If you are looking for any whitetail hunting clothes, make sure to check out our whitetail deer hunting clothes -  you can purchase an entire whitetail hunting clothing system or pick up individual pieces to finish off your gear list.

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