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Whitetail Hunting Clothes: 3 Must Have Pieces of Gear

We're taking a break between hunts here at Harris Outfitters. We're on our early season whitetail hunt in Missouri, and I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you my three favorite, or go-to, early season whitetail hunting clothes

Hunting Pants

The Uinta Pant from the standpoint that it's just lightweight, but it also, it's a very comfortable fitting pant that's got the leg zip pockets and the hip-zip for increased ventilation. The grip waistband that we put in all of our pants is great for keeping your shirt tail from coming un-tucked.

Other than that, the thing that's been most impressive to me about the Uinta Early Season Pant is even though it's a lightweight pant, it's very durable. I've been wearing the same pair of Uinta pants through turkey season and early whitetail season for going on three years now, and they still pretty much look new. And I'm very hard on these pants during turkey season, especially. Very durable, even though it's a lightweight fabric, and because it's a lightweight fabric, it's great for early season whitetail.

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Camo Neck Gaiter

The next thing I'm going to go over with this is the neck gaiter, and that might seem a little bit surprising as one of my three options. Our neck gaiter is a super lightweight merino wool fabric.

Reason number one: I don't like wearing a face mask. You always see that I have face paint on in the videos because I don't like wearing a face mask. But in the instances where I do feel like I need to pull something up over my face, the neck gaiter's very easy to just slide up and then throw it back down... But because it's a lightweight merino, it doesn't feel bulky or heavy around your neck. I carry one around in my pocket.

Once I get set and still, I put it on, and like I said, it's easy to throw up if you want to use it as a face mask.

Reason number two: if you hunt early season, there are bugs. Late in the evenings, especially, those gnats and mosquitoes will start buzzing around your head. I personally do not like spraying bug spray. There is no such thing as unscented bug spray that really works, in my opinion. You can always pull this thing over your ears and keep those mosquitoes from driving you nuts while you're trying to listen and take in those last few minutes of your hunt.
Man putting on merino wool hunting clothes

Merino Wool Shirt

And lastly, my third item is our 150 merino shirt. Obviously, goes without saying, that's a light lightweight top. Most of the time I probably have the vest on over the top of that, but you just can't beat lightweight merino wool. It's better than any poly, moisture-wicking, lightweight, polyester blend fabric.

Merino wool wicks the moisture away, and you can really, really sweat during your early season hunt, and by the time you sit down and cool off, within a few minutes, it dries out. It wicks that moisture away and gets it off of your body and expels it into the atmosphere. 

Another great thing with SKRE is we offer that lightweight merino in three different t-shirt styles, depending on what you like. We have a short-sleeve crew-neck, we have a long-sleeve crew-neck with the thumb holes for layering, and then we have a quarter-zip long-sleeve. The long sleeves come with the thumb holes, again, and the crew-necks are just your basic crew-neck t-shirt. 

These are the three pieces of hunting clothes that I'm pretty much going to wear on every early season whitetail hunt, but I do pair them with other items depending on the conditions.

Additional Pieces of Hunting Clothes

Merino Wool Base Layer Bottoms

I recommend wearing a merino wool base layer under your lightweight pant, just for the fact of it's odor control and moisture wicking abilities.

Hunting Jacket or Vest

I pretty much always either have on the Lost Peak jacket [now updated to the Grid Lite Jacket] or the vest on top, because I like to cover up my tree stand harness and I like to have the pockets.

The good news is that you can find these things packaged together along with other items in quite a few of our bundles, or you can pick them up individually at If you are looking specifically for whitetail hunting clothes, check out our Whitetail Bundles. Hope you find these recommendations helpful. 

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