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Michael Baits: Go to Gear For Elk Hunting

As the anticipation builds for the archery elk season opening in Idaho, Michael Batis from Elk Calling Academy takes us through his preferred gear lineup from SKRE for successful September elk hunting. He shares his top high quality hunting clothes that have proven to be dependable, comfortable, and versatile for his outdoor pursuits.

Hardscrabble Pant: Comfort and Durability

A staple piece of elk hunting gear that Michael has been relying on for years is the Hardscrabble Pant. Known for its remarkable comfort and durability, these pants have weathered four years of use without a single rip or tear. What makes them stand out is their side vent feature. During the early season when temperatures fluctuate between cool mornings and warm days, they are a great tool to help regulate body temperature.

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Kaibab 150: Lightweight Merino Wool Quarter-Zip

For layering versatility, Michael recommends the Kaibab 150, a lightweight Merino wool quarter-zip. This piece is perfect for temperature regulation while on the move. The quarter-zip design is yet another feature that helps with temperature regulation. Unzip to cool of; then zip back up once you reach your ideal body temperature.

Hardscrabble Vest: Core Warmth for Comfort

high quality hunting clothes

The Hardscrabble Vest takes the spotlight as an indispensable core-warming layer. During chilly mornings, he keeps the vest on to help keep his core warm and is able to easily remove it as the day warms up. The convenience of easily stowing it in his pack and bringing it out for colder evenings ensures constant comfort throughout the day.

Kaibab 300: Heavier Base Layer with a Hood

As the season progresses and temperatures drop, Michael swaps out the Kaibab 150 for the Kaibab 300, a heavier Merino wool base layer. This upgraded layer comes with a hood, providing extra insulation for those colder mornings. The moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties of Merino wool contribute to an odor-free experience, a crucial advantage for extended hunts.

SKRE Gear: Affordable, Durable, and Reliable 

When we created Skre gear, we did it with the intention of providing the best hunting clothing on the market. We wanted comfort, durability, performance, and affordability. Michael shows that we have hit the mark by putting our gear through years of hard use out elk hunting.

Having high quality elk hunting gear is critical to helping you have the best experience. And with reliable hunting clothing from us, you can be prepared to tackle any challenge you may face during your hunt.

If you're looking for comfortable and best hunting clothes and gear, SKRE Gear is the brand to consider. Be sure to check out our specific elk hunting gear to get all the pieces that you need for a successful September elk hunt.

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