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How To Put Together the Perfect Turkey Hunting Camo

How To Put Together the Perfect Turkey Hunting Camo

Putting together the perfect turkey hunting camo setup is something that we at SKRE have personal experience with. It involves setting yourself up with high quality hunting clothing that is guaranteed to keep you hidden and comfortable - no matter what conditions you are hunting in.

Stay Hidden

The SKRE Gear® Turkey Bundles were designed specifically with Turkey Hunters in mind. Stay comfortable and concealed!

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Turkey Hunting Camo Layering System

Base Layers

When building your turkey hunting camo, you have got to start with the right base layers for all-day comfort and protection against the elements. Most people mistakenly think that a base layer is only meant to keep you warm when it’s cold out. If you’ve ever hunted in warmer weather, you understand that a base lawyer helps keep you cool as well. SKRE’s Merino Wool base layer clothing is the ideal base layer for your hunting apparel. Merino Wool does a better job of wicking away moisture from the body and leaving you to feel dry- even after the material has absorbed 30% of its weight in moisture! At SKRE, we highly recommend our Kaibab 150 Merino Wool Base Layer Top and Kaibab 150 Merino Wool Bottom when choosing your hunting clothing.

Mid Layers

Next, we advise our customers to consider the multi-conditions that are likely to arise. Be sure your turkey hunting camo includes both a light-duty hoodie and a heavy-duty jacket. You’re apt to need both in a single day. We are proud to carry the Kaibab 300 Hoodie, which is a powerhouse at maintaining core temperature and has a flexible fit to ensure you’re not restricted in movement during a hunt.
SKRE turkey hunting camo

Outer Layers

For extreme temperatures and conditions, our Hardscrabble Jacket and Vest are very popular for their ability to keep out the elements and hold in body heat. We recommend adding the vest and the jacket to your bundle for ultimate thermoregulation in cooler early season temperatures. Our Hardscrabble Pants are awesome for those early morning hunts when the weather is not cooperating. And for the times when the temperatures are on your side, try out our Uinta Early Season Pants. Weighing in at 11 oz, their lightweight design reduces excess fatigue while walking through all-terrain conditions. And we all know that turkey's can pick out any difference in their surroundings, so don't forget about your face! The SKRE balaclava is an essential head layer that will provide stealth while still staying breathable as you make your next move.

Stay Hidden

The SKRE Gear® Turkey Bundles were designed specifically with Turkey Hunters in mind. Stay comfortable and concealed!

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Turkey Hunting Camo Bundle

You’ll save a lot of money by purchasing a complete turkey hunting camo bundle. We have a variety of bundles including the Elite Starter Bundle - ideal for those new turkey hunters looking for the critical gear and wanting to build out their layering system later, the Pro Turkey Bundle - perfect for all types of turkey hunters, and our Extreme All Season Turkey Bundle - which is going to give you everything you need for complete protection against the elements and all-day comfort while hunting. The Extreme All Season Turkey Bundle includes nearly everything mentioned in this article. And with any purchase of a turkey bundle, we are throwing in a free SKRE Turkey Call while supplies last.

SKRE VIP Sizing Guarantee

Along with our Lifetime Warranty, our customers love our VIP Sizing Guarantee that comes with every purchase at SKRE. If the item you receive doesn’t fit correctly, simply return it and we’ll pay for the shipping- however many times it takes to get you the right fit. That’s right! We’ll take care of all return shipping costs to guarantee the right size on any SKRE product. For assistance in choosing the right items, feel free to contact one of our product specialists by phone. We know that you are going to love our high quality hunting clothing at SKRE. You can trust us for durable, dependable hunting clothing for every member of your group. In fact, we are confident that you’ll be relying on our products to keep you comfortable while hunting and wearing our hunting clothing for years to come. So make sure to snag yourself a Turkey Hunting Camo Bundle today and see the SKRE difference for yourself.
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