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Which Pattern is Right for Me?

Which Pattern is Right for Me?

MTN-STEALTH & the New SUMMIT concealment pattern were both designed using our scientifically field-tested algorithms to excel in multiple habitat environments. 

MTN Stealth

MTN Stealth was created using a micro-algorithm which thrives in thick vegetative environments. This is a great pattern for chasing bugles in the thick timber or sitting in a tree stand hunting whitetails. It also does well in sage and thick Pinion and Juniper forests. If you hunt in west Texas brush country, the Sonoran Desert, or South Africa you will quickly see just how well MTN-Stealth conceals in these environments.


In contrast, Summit was designed using a Macro algorithm that favors more open environments above timberline, out on the open prairies, and habitats scattered with patches of timber and brush pockets. If you hunt a variety of different habitats this a very universal pattern that will excel in almost any environment.

We've Got You Covered!

Whether it's hunting Dall sheep in AK, or chasing big bulls in the dark timber, SKRE has you covered with the revolutionary MTN-Stealth and Summit patterns.
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