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What Is the Hunter’s Most Important Item of Clothing?

What Is the Hunter’s Most Important Item of Clothing?

Blaze orange is the most visible color to the human eye, but deer can’t see it!

This is why some states have enforced rules about hunters wearing an orange cap or vest every time they’re hunting. This color doesn’t spook the animal but does make you visible to other hunters in the area. The safety aspect makes it one of the most important hunting clothes that you should bring with you.

But what is THE most important item of clothing? Unfortunately, the answer is more complicated than one single item, as there are a few things that hunters should always carry with them.

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What Is the Hunter’s Most Important Item of Clothing?

When you’re packing for your next hunting trip, there are a few essential items that you need to make sure you bring with you. Even when you’re on the trip, there are items that you should always keep an extra set of in your backpack.

So, what is the hunter's most important item of clothing? Here's what we think...

Blaze Orange


Hunter in blaze orange vest
Blaze orange is incredibly important to include in your hunting clothes checklist. Some states make this compulsory to keep hunters visible to other hunters. This way, you can stay safe even when you’re completely dressed in camouflage.


It’s important to either wear an orange cap or an orange vest. However, there are a few camouflaged options that are still blaze orange. This way, you can still enjoy the benefits of camo while remaining visible to other hunters.

Base Layers

Base layers form the foundation of any outfit. This is because they are the initial layer of clothing that you wear to keep your body warm. This includes essential clothing like your underwear, boxers, vests, and t-shirts.

Base layers are incredibly valuable as you can remove outer layers if you ever get too warm. The layered options make it easier to quickly adapt to the current weather conditions. If it starts to get cold, you can add to the base layer quickly to get warm.

Merino wool base layers are also anti-microbial and help with odor and scent control, which makes it a very valuable tool to help with your scent profile when out hunting.

Mid Layers

Mid layers are designed to bridge the gap between the base layer and the outer layer. The mid layer includes items such as hoodies and sweaters that can add more warmth to your outfit.

The mid layer makes it possible to take off your outer layer whenever you’re getting too warm.

All-Weather Boots

When it comes to footwear, all-weather boots for hunting is the best option.

This is because all-weather boots can be used in various terrains and in all kinds of weather conditions. This means you only have to pack one boot instead of three!


Windbreakers are the perfect clothing item for colder months. This is because they can help deflect cold air away from the rest of your clothing. This means that less cold air is going to your mid layer before being confronted by the base layer.

It’s important to find windbreakers that don’t make a noise or mask the noise of your surroundings.

This is possible in windy conditions as the wind can overwhelm other sounds from animals. This makes it harder to track and locate animals in your surroundings.

Warm Beanies

Beanies are versatile as they can help you keep your head warm while also masking your scent. This is because the beanie itself can help trap your hair from blowing scented oils into the air. This way animals won’t be able to smell you as easily.

Beanies also help to absorb any facial oils and sweat. This also plays a part in masking your scent when you’re outdoors. Having a premium beanie can keep you warm when you’re outside, making it essential during the colder months of the year.

Premium Socks

Socks are essential for any hunting trip. However, the best socks are those that provide you with support, comfort, and durability. This is because the last thing you want is to continue on with torn or wet socks.

This is why merino wool socks are such a great option. These socks naturally wick against moisture. This means that you can stay dry even if it’s raining outside. Just to be safe, pack in an extra pair of socks in your backpack.

Rain Gear

Rain jackets and pants are designed to be lightweight and waterproof. These are an essential piece of hunting gear that all hunters should keep with them when outdoors. If it ever begins to rain, you can quickly get out your rain gear and shield yourself from the elements.

Rain jackets tends to be incredibly thin and light. However, it’s important to buy quiet rain gear that doesn’t make much noise as you move. This is because noisy materials can end up spooking animals from a distance.

Warm Gloves

Hunter glassing with camo hunting gloves on

Gloves are important during the colder months of the year. When it comes to hunting gloves, make sure to get gloves that allow for dexterity but still keep your fingers warm. Camo gloves are the best options as they can seamlessly blend in with the other layers of clothing you have.

If you’re taking gloves with you, it’s important to bring a second pair just in case. A second pair can come in handy if you ever misplace or lose a pair. This way, your hands will always be comfortable and warm.

Hunting Jackets

Jackets for hunting are incredibly versatile and important. This is because they act as the outer layer of your outfit and can help keep you warm throughout your entire trip. The best part about hunting jackets is that they are also lightweight.

This means that they are easy to pack in your bag and carry around with you. The outer jackets also include tons of storage options and pockets so that you can safely store everything you need. This way, you may not have to carry as many bags with you.

Things to Keep in Your Hunting Bag

The most important hunting clothing should always be kept in your bag. However, some items should also be kept in your backpack as essential extras. This will ensure that you have a quick change of clothes available to you while you’re outdoors.

This can come in handy if something tears or gets lost outside. Interested in packing some essentials in your backpack? Here’s a quick look at what you need to include.

1. Extra Socks

Starting from the ground up, you need to include an extra pair of socks in your backpack whenever you leave camp. This is because socks are incredibly important to take care of your feet while you’re outside. Quality socks offer the comfort, warmth, and support you need.

However, anything can happen while you’re outdoors. This can include ripping your socks or getting them uncomfortably wet. While merino wool socks do a great job at wicking away moisture, it’s important to have a backup pair of socks in case yours gets too wet.

2. Gaiters

Gaiters are protective footwear that stretches from your ankles to your shins. In simple terms, this protective layer helps you navigate bushes without having to worry about ripping your pants or harming your legs. This is also perfect for wet weather conditions, as the gaiters can help keep you dry and comfortable.

Gaiters don’t need to be worn in every condition. This is why it’s beneficial to keep a pair in your backpack in case you ever need it. These accessories can be put on in no time, making them perfect to keep with you in your bag.

3. Puffies

If you want to carry an outer layer with you just in case it gets colder, it’s important to find something that’s warm but light enough to carry around. This is where puffies come in as they boast one of the best warmth-to-weight ratios in the business!

These jackets are filled to help insulate your body while you’re outdoors. The fact that they are so light makes them perfect to fold up and carry with you everywhere you go.

4. Rain Gear

Archery hunter in rain gear

Rain gear is essential to keep with you at all times. It can help keep you dry and warm as you make your way back to camp. While many people think rain gear only includes jackets, you can get rain pants to keep your legs dry as well.

If you just want to be careful, consider packing a rain jacket in your backpack. This can help you quickly change your outer layer so that you remain warm and dry.

5. Zip-Off Bottoms

Bottom base layers tend to be important in the early hours of the morning but can get uncomfortable as the day progresses. Having zip-off bottoms can help you quickly remove your bottom half whenever you need to. This way, you can quickly take them off as activity ramps up outdoors.

Zip-off bottoms allow you to take off your base layer without having to remove all the layers you have on top. This saves you a ton of time and makes your life that much easier.

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Additional Useful Gear

When packing your hunting bag, there are a few additional items that you should always keep with you. These items can help keep you safe and comfortable while you’re outdoors. Here’s a quick look at the essential gear to bring in your backpack.

1. Hunting Tools

Hunting tools are essential to bring with you whenever you’re outdoors. These tools can range from a high-quality hunting knife to scent control and even game bags. A hunting knife is often the most important tool to keep with you as it can help you clean the animal that you have killed.

This tool is also helpful for other tasks that you may find yourself having to do. This includes cutting rope and making notches in wood. Investing in a high-quality knife is always the best thing to do as they can last decades if taken care of.

Scent control is also important to keep with you. This can help minimize your personal scent so that animals won’t be able to detect you. You can use certain soaps to mask your scent but hunting spray is also a very popular option.

2. Navigation Tools

Navigation tools should always be part of your essential tools. Modern navigation tools come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. However, they all work in a similar way to help you navigate the wild safely.

Modern GPS technology will let you leave markers and link to significant landmarks along the way. This helps you quickly find your bearings so that you can get back to camp in no time. You can get these navigation tools in stand-alone devices or as a smartwatch to make things easier.

3. First Aid Kit

First aid kits are incredibly important for all hunters. This kit comes with all the essential medical supplies that you may need if you’re ever injured outdoors. The kit comes with enough to support both minor and major injuries until professional help can get to you.

The standard kit should come with bandages, pain relievers, and antiseptics to keep you safe and comfortable until help arrives.

4. Extra Clothing

Man at truck with his hunting gear

As mentioned above, extra clothing is important to bring along with you. If you’re layering your clothing, you may want to take off your outer layer while you’re on the move. However, if it suddenly gets cold, you may want to have another layer in your bag that you can quickly put on.

In addition to these primary layers, there are some extra accessories that you can bring along with you. This includes an extra set of dry socks, gloves, and a spare cap. It’s important to keep a spare orange cap with you just in case you lose yours outside.

Since it’s a regulation in some places, you don’t want to ever catch yourself without it. Having a spare orange cap in your bag will allow you to carry on hunting safely.

Types of Hunting Clothes to Avoid

When planning for your hunting trip, there are a few things that you should actively avoid. These clothing items don’t add security or comfort to your gear. Here’s a quick look at the types of clothing to avoid bringing with you.

1. Cotton Clothing

Cotton is an incredibly popular material for clothing. This material is used for pants, shirts, and even formal wear all around the world. However, it’s important to avoid using any cotton clothes when on a hunting trip.

This is because cotton can get wet very easily. Once cotton is wet, it can take a very long time to dry completely. This process is not just long, it’s also incredibly uncomfortable as the wet clothing won’t be able to keep you warm at all.

This can quickly turn into a nightmare scenario when you’re outdoors. Merino wool is a much better option as it can naturally wick away water. This means that it won’t get wet as easily and will still keep you warmer for longer.

2. Tight Boots

Boots are some of the most important, yet often neglected pieces of any hunting outfit. You need to make sure that you have the correct size boots. Too loose and you will not only wear sores on your feet, but you will loose your stability hiking in rough terrain. Too tight and you can also gain sores and even restrict mobility. This is why it’s important to make sure that you have the right-sized boots before you go on your trip.

3. Noisy Clothing

When it comes to men’s hunting clothes or women’s hunting clothes, you should always make sure that you have the most silent fabrics. This is because you don’t want to spook animals just by walking. Windbreakers are often made from harder materials that crackle as you move.

This is why you should always stick to quiet fabrics and jackets so that sound is insulated as you walk around. Merino wool and fleece are incredibly quiet options. However, merino wool does offer more benefits in terms of temperature control and moisture control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a few questions about the best hunting clothing to get for your next trip? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick look at the most frequently asked questions.

What’s the Best Material for Hunting Clothing?

There are a few different material options that you can choose from. Merino wool, cotton, polyester, and fleece. However, merino wool is often the best option. This is because wool can naturally regulate your body temperature while also keeping moisture away.

Is Merino Wool Better Than Fleece?

When it comes to finding the right materials for your hunting clothes, there are two main options to consider. Merino wool and fleece are always the best options as they can help keep you warm while you’re outdoors. However, merino wool does come with a few advantages that you should always keep in mind.

This is because merino wool can naturally regulate your body temperature. This keeps you cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Additionally, merino wool is incredibly effective at wicking away moisture.

This makes it perfect for hunting clothes as you don’t have to worry about getting wet in the rain. As a mid layer item of clothing, this can keep your base layer dry.

Can Deer See Blaze Orange?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, while blaze orange is the most vibrant color that’s visible to the human eye, deer cannot see it.

Deer have amazing eyesight and hearing. However, they don’t see the same colors as humans do. In this way, the blaze orange looks just like ordinary camo to them.

Why Is Blaze Orange Important?

Blaze orange is important to stay safe while you’re hunting. If you think about it, camo is designed to make you look invisible to animals. While this is effective for hunting, it also means that you can be invisible to other hunters in the area.

This is why some states make it compulsory to wear either an orange hat or vest while you’re hunting.

Do Windbreakers Affect Your Hearing?

Windbreakers are incredibly useful when you’re hunting. This is the outer layer and can help deflect wind away from your mid layer clothing. In this way, the cold air is redirected and won’t make you feel cold while you’re outside.

Man in camo rain jacket

However, windbreakers do deflect air around you and can have an effect on your hearing. This is because the air that’s being deflected around you prevents sounds from getting to you. This is why it is important to have a windbreaker that is light-weight and easily taken off when it isn't needed. Although it is technically a rain jacket, the Nebo Rain Jacket acts as a great windbreaker and comes with a stuff pouch to throw in your hunting pack when you aren't using it.

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