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What Do Female Hunters Wear? Your Complete Guide

What Do Female Hunters Wear? Your Complete Guide

Did you know that the percentage of women who hunt has risen by 25% since the early 2000s? This is great for other female hunters ready to make their mark in the field. However, if you’re new to the sport, you're probably wondering what gear and clothing are necessary.

With all the options available today, it can be difficult to figure out which items are essential and which aren't. Don’t worry! We've got your back with this comprehensive guide to finding the best women’s hunting clothing.

We’ll walk you through everything from headwear choices to proper footwear and everything in between! So whether you're just getting started or have been at it for years, this article has something sure to give you an edge while out in the wild.

High End Hunting Clothing For Women

SKRE Gear® is proud to support our huntresses out in the field by offering women's specific hunting clothes.

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Do You Need Women’s Hunting Clothes?

Yes! Not only do you need it, but women hunters deserve women's hunting apparel tailored to their unique body shape, providing them with a comfortable and stylish experience. The last thing women want is clothes that bag or sag and make movement uncomfortable or shooting difficult.

Women's hunting clothes is made differently to accommodate different female shapes, eliminating bulk at the hips and offering give in other areas. While this might sound like more of a style issue than a functionality issue, it's got to do with both.

For example, as a woman, have you ever been out on a hunt and had to spend the entire time trying to move around in a bulky men's hunting jacket? Or, have you ever tried to walk quietly through the woods with your pants swishing back and forth because they're too large around your hips or ankles?

With women-specific gear, there’s no need for belting waistbands, constantly adjusting hems, and other inconvenient aspects of men’s apparel. With clothing specifically designed for the female body, women hunters can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable hunt in the field.

Women’s Hunting Clothes Features

Chances are you probably haven't seen many women-specific hunting clothing options before. There still aren't many on the market today, making it incredibly difficult to find great women's hunting clothes. However, once you know what to look for (and try on that first piece of gear), you'll likely never go back to wearing men's gear again.

If you're new to this type of hunting clothing, here are a few great features that women-specific hunting clothes has that men's hunting clothes doesn't.

Shorter Length

Women-specific hunting clothes are designed to fit a female form perfectly, so shorter lengths are often featured, particularly in the waist and shoulder area. They make an excellent choice for those on the shorter side, as standard-sized jackets and vests can often be too long and bulky.

Moreover, having a shorter-length jacket or vest offers more freedom of movement and offers better coverage from the elements outdoors. The shorter length also adds fashionability, with many designs featuring stylish elements like attractive collars or pockets for added embellishments.

Tapered Waist

Woman adjusting hunting pants

When it comes to comfortability, tapered waists are a must. Not only do they provide a great look while hunting (if that's a concern for you), but they also eliminate the bulky feel of men's "boxy-cut" shirts. As you might know, men's shirts never seem to fit just right.

Having a tapered waist allows women to enjoy a wider range of motion. This is critical on hunting trips where you'll move around a lot. However, it's also a lot more comfortable and fashionable.

Wider Hips

Women-specific hunting pants provide much better fitting and more comfortable apparel for female hunters. This is because they're made with a wider fit through the hips, giving a more secure yet comfortable fit than traditional pants.

This wider fit is perfect for those who find tight waistbands or narrow hip measurements too constricting. Unfortunately, in most cases, all versions of male hunting pants are too narrow to accommodate female hips, leaving you with uncomfortable bulges on the sides of your flanks.

Not only does the wider design increase comfort levels, but it also helps keep all kinds of gear firmly in place. The bottom line? Women-specific hunting pants are must-haves for any female looking to tackle their next hunting adventure in complete comfort.

Darted Chest

Hunter gals no longer need to worry about not having enough space in their clothes. Specially designed darted chests provide ample room while also fitting snugly, ensuring they can move gracefully without being hindered by extra fabric in inappropriate places. They also allow you to enjoy a more fitted look that can make you feel more comfortable and confident.

Women’s Hunting Essentials

Are you sold on the benefits of choosing women's hunting clothes instead of settling for menswear? Great! Now, it's time to start building your hunting wardrobe. Every woman should have a few essentials on hand, including the following five items.

Hunting Boots

Women's hunting boots should be sturdy, breathable, and have good traction on different terrain. Look for waterproof hunting boots with insulation to keep you warm and dry. A pair of hunting boots should also provide arch support and extra cushioning for shock absorption.

What about finding the right fit? You want the hunting boots to fit properly. Usually, this means the fit should be snug but not too tight. Take special care when choosing women's hunting boots at different price points. This includes making sure that you get enough quality for a reasonable price.

Hunting Pants

Having the right hunting pants can make or break your day. When shopping for hunting pants, you should look for an item with durability. Hunting breeches with reinforced belt loops, extra pockets, and adjustable hems are essential components that will ensure the longevity of your hunting pants.

Additionally, waterproof and breathable materials are ideal in hunting pants since they guarantee protection against sleet, rain, or strong winds during chilly days of hunting.

The fit of hunting pants is also important. Ensure you get a pair that is roomy enough for unrestricted movement but also tailored enough. This will ensure you don't compromise movement or performance. When in doubt, opt for merino wool bottoms (but we'll dive into materials in just a bit!).

Hunting Jacket

Women practicing archery

Before you select the perfect women's hunting jacket, do some research on fabrics and features. Look for something lightweight with plenty of flexibility. Go for a breathable fabric so you won’t get too hot or cold during your hunt, such as fleece-lined hunting jackets designed to protect against rain and wind while keeping you warm when temperatures drop.

Some hunting jackets have detachable liners so you can adjust to different conditions. There are even specific models specifically aimed toward women’s hunting needs. Keep the above-mentioned style tips in mind.

And lastly, don’t forget to think about camouflage patterns. Many women (and men) overlook this factor. However, it's just as important as other outdoor hunting clothing features. Different patterns can be better for different types of hunting.

Hunting Hat

A hunting hat is an essential item for protection for every hunter, especially women. Not only does it keep your head and ears warm, but having the right hunting hat can make you less visible to the prey you are hunting.

When looking for hunting hats, comfort and warmth should be your main focus. A good hunting hat should be lightweight, breathable, and weatherproof. In most cases, this means choosing a merino wool hat. Our Ibex 300 Merino Beanie is a popular choice for both men and women.

Hunting Gloves

Finally, every woman should be prepared with a nice pair of hunting gloves. When hunting in the colder months, it’s especially important to make sure you’re getting a pair of hunting gloves that are warm and effective.

Look for something with a good grip on the palms, spandex trigger fingers for easy shooting, and perhaps even disposable hand warmers to ensure your hands remain cozy. Mitts are great for extreme cold weather, whereas an option like our Dead Fall Gloves can provide you with 100% windproof barrier grip traction leather palms.

High End Hunting Clothing For Women

SKRE Gear® is proud to support our huntresses out in the field by offering women's specific hunting clothes.

Shop Women's Hunting Clothes

The Best Women’s Hunting Clothes Material

We told you we'd mention materials, didn't we? This is one of the most important parts of choosing the right ladies hunting clothing. Choosing the wrong fabric can leave you unprotected from the elements. However, it can also lead to noisy clothing that distracts from the hunt.

Regarding the best women's hunting clothes material, we suggest you look for two main types of material.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is an incredibly versatile natural fiber that makes a perfect material for women's hunting clothes. It is soft, breathable, and temperature-regulating to keep you comfortable no matter the weather conditions. This makes it great to use as a base layer under your jacket or other gear.

What's so special, though, is that merino wool also provides great odor control. That's a huge plus for those extended hunting trips! On top of that, merino wool is naturally wicking, which pulls moisture away from your body and can help accelerate drying time if you're out in rain or snow.

Overall, it's a lightweight and durable fabric, making merino wool the absolute best choice for women's hunting clothes.

MTN-X2 Fabric

Woman glassing in a camo hunting jacket

Our Women's Hardscrabble Jacket features MTN-X2 fabric. It's a game-changer for all outdoor enthusiasts! Specifically designed to perform in harsh conditions and extreme elements, MTN-X2 faces whatever weather is thrown its way without fail. Boasting an ultra-quiet finish, the fabric allows for ultimate thermoregulation during those difficult ascents.

That's not all, though. Trails become smoother with MTN-X2 fabric, making your next excursion an exciting adventure that won’t leave you shivering from the freezing winds of mountain peaks.

Sure, this isn't specific to women, but it is a great fabric to look for when choosing any type of hunting gear. Regardless, always look for fabric that helps you regulate your body temperature (including merino wool, as mentioned above). It's even better if it's water-resistant and boasts features such as moisture-wicking.

How to Choose Ladies Hunting Clothes

Now that you know what to look for, how do you choose the best women's hunting clothes? It comes down to what you'll be hunting and where and when you'll go. For example, the hunting clothes you need for a trip to hunt turkeys are likely slightly different from those you need to hunt bigger game.

To help you make the right choice, answer the following questions.

What Are You Hunting?

First, determine what you'll be hunting. Some of the most popular animals that most Americans hunt include:

  • Deer
  • Elk
  • Turkey

Perhaps, you hunt a combination of all these animals. Don't forget to consider the methods you'll use for each animal. We'll go into this below. However, the gear you need will be different if you're bowhunting deer from a tree versus shooting ducks in a duck blind.

Overall, camouflage is key, and the pattern you choose will differ depending on what environment you'll find yourself in. For example, while pursuing mule deer and elk on foot in the fall, you'll want a varied pattern of branches and leaves, whereas if you're out turkey hunting in spring, maybe opt for marsh grass or wetland print.

The bottom line? It's smart to take your time here. Choosing the right pattern and type of clothing is essential to ensure you've got the right gear for hunting the specific animal you'll be hunting.

When Are You Hunting?

Woman hunting in snow

It's not just about what you're hunting; it's about when, too. The time of year and the climate you'll be hunting in are vitally important factors when preparing for a successful hunt. Think about when that early season or the rut takes place in your area, and make an informed decision on the type of clothing you'll need.

If you're turkey hunting in some states, you may experience a long season, while other states might have hunts lasting only days. That's why knowing what time of year you'll be outdoors is critical: it can help determine if you go with insulated or non-insulated clothing, a single layer or multiple layers, waterproof or windproof features, and camouflage hues like brown and green.

Our top tip? If you have time, study the climate and geographic condition of your hunting site before showing up wearing the wrong attire. It won't just make for a more comfortable hunt. It'll make for a successful one.

Where Will You Hunt?

When choosing hunting clothes, geographical location should be your first thought. Are you chasing deer in the Midwest? Or perhaps you're going to hunt turkeys in Alabama. Where you'll be hunting will directly affect which material and camouflage pattern you'll need.

Depending on what climate and terrain await you, consider fabrics such as 100% brushed cotton or blends of poly-cotton and fleece. As always, look for clothing items that offer odor control or even waterproof finishes. With the right clothes for each location, you can stay warm, dry, and well-camouflaged while on the hunt.

What Do You Use to Hunt?

Finally, consider what types of gear you use to hunt. Of the most common hunting weapons you might use are muzzleloader, rifle, shotgun, archery bow, or even a crossbow. When choosing your weapon you have to consider the following:

  • The animal you are hunting: some caliber of rifle may be overkill for smaller game and visa versa
  • The terrain you are hunting: Are you going to be close range and will be able to use a bow and arrow? Or are you trying to go after animal from a distance and need a long-range rifle?
  • Specific hunting regulation: Some states have specifications on who and when certain weapons may be used.

And your hunting gear isn't limited to just your weapon. There is a long list of hunting gear that are base necessities for any hunt, and additional items may be needed for some specialty hunts. If in doubt, reach out to other hunters or outfitters in the area you plan on hunting for a better idea of what may be necessary to bring on your hunt.

While choosing the right hunting gear is essential, choosing the right hunting clothing to match is also important. Whether you're hunting with a gun or bow and arrow, selecting appropriate hunting clothes can make all the difference.

Woman shooting archery

For example, let's look at bowhunters. They usually need hunting clothing that provide flexibility in their arms and shoulders and clothing that won't interfere when they draw their bows. This means you'll want to avoid clothing with many snaps, zippers, and storm flaps.

Or, let's say you hunt using a rifle. To avoid compromising accuracy with a gun, picking hunting apparel that doesn't bind anywhere and allows for an easy shoulder mount is important. Gusseted arm seams are perfect for this.

Tips for Choosing Women’s Hunting Gear

By now, you're nearly an expert at choosing the best women's hunting clothes. You know what to look for and what to avoid. However, when it comes to picking the right model or cut for each item of clothing, you still have many options. Consider the following tips as you search for women's hunting apparel.


When you’re out hunting, it’s hard to know what kind of surprises the weather or terrain will throw at you. As a result, it’s important to find outdoor gear that is adjustable and flexible so you can regulate your surroundings accordingly.

With adjustable hunting clothing, such as adjustable waistbands, you can easily adjust if you need a little extra room in your pants after adding extra layers when temperatures drop during a hunt.

The bottom line? Having adjustable clothing means being prepared for every adventure, whether that’s with clothing that fits comfortably no matter what the day brings or breathability for an unexpected sprint tracking a game animal.

Deep Pockets

Women's hunting pant pockets

Raise your hand if you're tired of not having access to pockets on pants! While women deserve deeper pockets on regular pants, having deep pockets on their hunting pants is essential.

When you’re deep into the backcountry, you need to have a place to stow extra gear, snacks, and other essentials before you even start shooting. Deep pockets prevent those items from becoming lost or jostled if your movements are rougher than expected.

Additionally, deep pockets provide quick access to whatever you’re carrying, so it doesn't slow you down when the time comes to make a shot.

Wider Hips

Women's bodies are different from men's, so clothing designed for wider hips helps ensure that you can be comfortable on the hunt. Not only will your wider hip clothing fit better, but you'll also be able to move more easily during the hunt. The wider hip area gives more freedom to get into awkward positions and access inaccessible areas when hunting.

Furthermore, wider hips allow for more ventilation, meaning that sweat won't accumulate as quickly. This allows you to remain cool and focused longer.

Slim Cut

A slim-cut hunting ensemble provides a form-fitting yet comfortable fit so you can have the mobility in the field necessary for getting the perfect shot. When looking for base layers, you want them to be snug, so your body stays warm, but outer jackets and other garments should provide some space for layering extra items underneath when needed.


Gusseted underarms make all the difference in giving you the mobility and comfort you need while on your hunt. You won’t feel constrained as gussets create more space in that area, which is especially important if you’re active or hiking around a lot.

Women’s Hunting Clothes Brands

What are the best women's hunting clothing brands? We know we're a bit biased, but SKRE Gear offers high end hunting clothing and has been designed and tested in the fields by hunters, for hunters. 

Forget about fitting into men's clothes; we've got you covered with clothing designed specifically to fit the female body. And with Skre's VIP sizing guide, we will ensure that you get the right fit! So head over to our women's hunting clothes collection and buy today!

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