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How Do You Choose Hunting Clothes?

How Do You Choose Hunting Clothes?

Did you know that there are over 15 million registered hunters in the United States?

Hunting is an incredible skill that can take people decades to master. However, having the right gear is essential whether you’re a rookie or an experienced professional.

When it comes to hunting clothes, there are thousands and thousands of options available. This poses the question of how do you choose hunting clothes? It’s important to make the right decision so that you can remain comfortable and safe while you’re on your hunting trip.

Interested in learning how to choose the right type of clothes for your hunting trip? Read on for a complete guide on how to find the right outdoor clothing for your trip.

A Great Hunt Starts With A Great Foundation

SKRE Gear® utilizes the many benefits of merino wool and ultra-quiet MTN-X2 face fabric in their Elite Starter Bundle to give you a solid start to your camo hunting outfit.

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Understanding Hunting Clothes

Hunting outdoors includes braving the elements. This means that you need to have the right clothes so that you can stay safe and warm while you’re outdoors. Especially if you’re hunting in winter, having the right clothing is incredibly important.

Hunting clothes separates itself from general winter clothes as it blends warmth with practicality. This means that you can stay warm while still retaining your mobility. The practical aspects allow you to move around and continue to hunt.

The Basics of Layering

Hunting clothing is designed in layers. This means that you’re not going to find a single hunting jacket that you can throw over your shirt so that you can stay warm hunting. Instead, hunting clothing starts with a base layer and builds on that layer to keep you warm and comfortable.

Man wearing layers during hunt

How Layering Works

Layering your hunting clothing is incredibly effective. This is because the various layers can work with each other to keep you warm and dry. The outer layer is designed as a shell to stop the wind from passing through to the mid layer.

The mid-layer then acts as a secondary barrier to the base layer. The various materials bunch up to work together. In this way, the cold air will have to go through the shell, the mid-layer, and the base layer before it gets to your skin.

The Different Layers

As mentioned above, layering adds practicality and versatility to your hunting clothes. This is because you can remove the top layer to stay cool or add another layer to stay warm. Here’s a quick rundown of each layer and the ideal material for it.

1. Base Layers

When it comes to hunting in winter, the base layer is the most important. This layer serves as the foundation for your entire outfit and can adapt according to the weather.

In the summer, your base layer can simply be your boxer briefs and a t-shirt. This changes in the winter as you can add long johns or tights to add extra warmth to the base layer. Some layer shirts will even include a hoodie to help keep your head warm.

Best Base Layer Materials

The best material for base layer clothing is merino wool. This is because merino wool can help regulate your body temperature perfectly while also keeping you dry. The wool itself will wick away moisture so that you never feel wet or uncomfortable.

Silk is another great option as it can keep you warm throughout the day. However, this is not as waterproof as merino wool.

2. Mid Layers

The mid-layer is designed to add warmth to your entire outfit. This fills the space between your base layer and the outer layer while also giving you the option to remove the outer layer if you’re ever feeling too warm. Mid-layer items include things like hoodies and sweaters.

Best Mid Layer Materials

Mid layers are designed to keep you warm, but they should also keep you comfortable. This is why merino wool, fleece, and polyester are the best options. While merino wool and polyester are great at wicking away water, fleece isn’t as effective.

This is why most people stick with merino wool for their mid-layer.

3. Outer Layers

The outer layer is the shell that’s designed to protect you from the elements. The outer layer is always bulkier and heavier than the middle and base layers. This helps stop the cold from getting through to the mid and base layers of your outfit.

Rain gear is the most popular outer layer as it helps you stay warm and dry even in the harshest of conditions. This doesn’t just include the jacket but also rain pants and boots. In this way, you can conquer the outdoors.

When it comes to outer-layer clothing, our Nebo Rain Gear is one of the best options that money can buy. This rain jacket is resistant to rain but also acts as a windbreaker. The material is still breathable and lightweight, making it a dream to hunt with.

Building a Hunting Clothing System

When it comes to building a hunting clothing system, it’s important to stock up on every layer. This includes the base layers, mid layers, outer layers, and clothing accessories. Having a stock of every layer will allow you to make numerous outfits while you’re on your hunting trip.

Want to learn more about the various layers? Here’s what you need to know.

Base Layers

Base layers are the foundation of your entire hunting outfit. This layer is designed to keep you warm and protected in the winter but can be used as the entire outfit during the warmer seasons. Here’s a quick look at the most popular base layer options.

Man cooking in base layer top


While you can use any ordinary t-shirt while you’re outdoors, hunting tops come with innovative camo that can blend perfectly with your outfit. This can come in handy when you’re hunting in summer as you’ll be able to take off your other layers and use the t-shirt alone.

If you were wearing a normal t-shirt, you wouldn’t be able to do that.

Long Johns

Long johns are incredibly popular during the colder months of the year. This is because they can help you stay warm throughout the winter season. However, merino wool bottoms are also a great option that can be used throughout the entire year.


Underwear is often overlooked when it comes to hunting clothing. However, there are thermal underwear options available for those who need extra warmth. Merino boxers and boxer briefs are also very popular due to the temperature regulation benefits of wool.

Mid Layers

Mid-layer options are there to add comfort to your entire outfit. This layer can act as a bridge between the base layer and the outer layer so that if you’re too warm you can remove the outer layer alone. Here’s a brief overview of the most common mid-layer options.


Hoodies are often the most popular option when it comes to mid-layers. Many hunters choose to wear a hoody over their t-shirt for extra warmth. This is because a hoody can also be layered under a jacket quite easily.

Crew Necks

Crew necks are also a popular option among hunters. This is because the sweater is incredibly versatile and can be layered effortlessly with jackets and coats. The crew neck itself does add some warmth and can be used alone without a jacket easily.

Outer Layers

The outer layers are designed to add warmth and comfort to your entire outfit. These layers are optional during the warmer months of the year but add practicality for the colder seasons. Here’s a quick look at the most popular outer layer options to choose from.


Hunting jackets add comfort, warmth, and practicality to your entire outfit. This is because hunting jackets come with various pockets and storage options that you can use while you’re outdoors. This eliminates the need for you to carry another bag.

There are a few different kinds of hunting jackets available. From hoodies to massive down jackets, the options are endless. Whether you need something warm or practical, it’s important to find the right jacket for you.

Man hunting in the rain

Rain Gear

If you’re hunting in the rain, it’s important to stock up on rain gear. This kind of gear is made from waterproof materials that can help keep you comfortable and dry while you’re outdoors. Rain gear is not just rain jackets but also rain pants and shoes.

In this way, your entire outfit can be designed to keep you cozy and dry while you’re hunting.


Vests are a great way to add extra comfort to your outfit. The best part about vests is that they don’t restrict your arms as much as full-length jackets. In this way, you’ll still have a full range of motion to hunt as effectively as possible.

Clothing Accessories

Clothing accessories are equally as important as they add practicality and comfort to your entire outfit. Here’s a quick look at the most popular accessories to get for your next hunting trip.


Gloves are incredibly important accessories that can come in handy during the colder months of the year. These come in a variety of sizes and designs, with camo options available to match the rest of your camo gear.

Neck Gaiter

A neck gaiter is basically like a scarf that’s designed to keep your neck warm. This piece of neckwear is ideal for the colder months of the year but can also be made from lightweight material for general use. This is because the camo options can help extend your entire camouflage up to your face.


Socks are incredibly important whether you’re hunting or not. It’s important to invest in high-quality socks when you’re hunting to keep your feet protected and warm. This is particularly important during the colder months of the year.

Hardscrabble Gaiter

A hardscrabble gaiter is designed to keep your feet protected and dry as you walk around. This accessory covers your entire ankles and reaches up towards your calf for added protection.


During the colder months of the year, it’s vital to keep your head warm. This is why you should always include a beanie when you’re packing for your hunting trip. Merino wool beanies are the most comfortable options as they can regulate your body temperature and keeps your head dry if it ever starts to rain.


If you’re looking for the ultimate stealthy look, consider getting a balaclava. This is a clothing accessory that covers your entire face and only leaves space for your eyes. Camo options are always the best as they help you stay stealthy while you’re outdoors.

A Great Hunt Starts With A Great Foundation

SKRE Gear® utilizes the many benefits of merino wool and ultra-quiet MTN-X2 face fabric in their Elite Starter Bundle to give you a solid start to your camo hunting outfit.

Try The Elite Start Bundle for 14 Days - Risk Free

Clothing Weight Options

When it comes to hunting clothing, there are various weight options available. The different weight options are designed to give you the support and comfort you need in any weather condition. The weight options are lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight.

Man fishing in camo hunting clothes

Lightweight options are great if you need to move around a lot while heavyweight options are great for the colder months of the year. However, it’s important to remember that you should always find clothing that’s quiet as you move.

Regardless of how thick or heavy the clothing is, it should always be quiet so that you don’t spook animals while you’re hunting.

Women’s Hunting Clothes

While it’s true that women used to have to rely on men’s hunting clothes, that isn’t the case anymore. Women’s hunting clothes have evolved over the years to include all the practicality that you need in the perfect sizes for you. Whether you’re looking for practical gear, orange camo, or safety vests, you can get it all.

Hunting Camo Patterns

Camo patterns have been around for hundreds of years. In simple terms, these patterns are designed to obscure the vision of the prey so that they don’t recognize you amongst the trees and bushes. This kind of technology has evolved over the years and now makes use of digital patterns to trick the visual system.

There are various kinds of camo patterns available today. These different patterns are designed to work on specific animals, allowing you to find the right pattern for your hunting trip. Finding the right camo pattern will allow you to blend into your environment so that the animal looks past you as a part of nature.

How To Choose the Right Pattern

As mentioned above, there are a few different camo patterns that you can choose from. Here’s a quick look at two of the most impressive options.


Solace is one of the best patterns for tree hunting. If you’re hunting in Juniper or thick Pinion forests, you’ll quickly notice the massive benefits of Solace. This pattern is also better for the colder months of the year when the trees have lost most of their leaves.

During this time of the year, you’ll manage to blend right in with the forest seamlessly.


Summit is a camo pattern that’s designed for more open environments. This includes pen prairies and habitats with scattered patches of brush pockets and timber. This kind of pattern is better for springtime, especially if you’re going turkey or bear hunting.

What Is Orange Camo?

Orange camo is made with blaze orange. This color is the brightest, most visible color to the human eye. Some states require hunters to wear orange caps or vests when they’re out hunting for safety reasons. This rule is to allow other hunters to easily spot you when you’re outdoors.

Orange camo is made with this color and complies with these regulations. However, the color is used in a unique camo pattern to help stay stealthy in the eyes of deer. In this way, you can still have the benefits of camo while being incredibly visible to other hunters in the area.

How Do You Choose Hunting Clothes?

When it comes to choosing your hunting clothes, there are a few things to always keep in mind. It’s important to take your time so that you end up with the right clothing for your hunt. Here’s a quick look at the factors to consider when choosing hunting clothes.

1. Materials

The first thing you should look for when shopping for hunting clothing is the materials that are used. The materials used can vary depending on the layer that you’re looking for. Both merino wool and polyester are popular options for premium base layers.

man in Skre gear with elk

However, outer layers tend to come with more durable, waterproof materials. This is essential to keep you comfortable and dry while you’re outdoors. When choosing the material, consider the kind of hunting you’re doing and the weather conditions you’ll be in.

This way you can ensure that you’ll always be comfortable, warm, and safe while outdoors.

Another important factor to keep in mind is how quiet the material is. This is important as you don’t want your clothes to spook animals while you’re outdoors.

Animals tend to have superior hearing and can hear movement from hundreds of yards away. This is why every part of your outfit should be made with quiet materials that can help keep you stealthy while you’re hunting.

2. Build Quality

Quality is the most important factor to consider when buying hunting clothes. The last thing you want is for your jacket or shirt to rip while you’re outdoors. This is why investing in high-quality hunting clothes is worth every penny.

In practical terms, it’s also more affordable to invest in premium hunting clothing. This is because premium clothing is designed to last much longer than the affordable options. Choosing the cheaper option may require you to replace it sooner, making it more expensive in the process.

3. Versatility and Layering

As mentioned above, the best hunting clothes are designed to be layered. This allows you to stay warm and safe while you’re on the hunt. This should always be kept in mind when you’re shopping for new clothes so that the new clothes can seamlessly fit into your collection.

Layering isn’t just about buying thin clothing items. It’s important to invest in high-quality, versatile clothing that can combine to make various outfits. The versatility adds practicality to your closet so that you have the gear you need for whatever hunting trip you plan to go on.

4. The Brand

The brand of clothing that you buy is incredibly important. Some brands prioritize affordable clothing but don’t come with the same quality as premium options. This might look like the better deal at the moment but is actually more expensive in the long run.

Investing in quality clothing is always the best option. This way you can build a hunting clothing system that can last you years instead of days. The brand you choose will also give you confidence in the fact that it won’t rip or tear while you’re on your hunting trip.

5. Practical Design

Features of Skre Gears Hardscrabble Jacket

At the end of the day, the hunting clothing you choose needs to be comfortable, durable, and practical. This is because you may want to carry things with you while you’re hunting. Having pockets and compartments to store things in just makes your life easier.

This is particularly important when shopping for outerwear. Having practical pockets in your outer jacket can prevent you from having to carry an additional bag. This keeps you lighter and more agile while you’re hunting.

Invest In High End Hunting Clothing

If you have ever asked yourself, how do you choose hunting clothes? We’re sure that you understand the basics of hunting clothes and layering now. It’s important to understand the benefits of investing in high-quality gear that’s designed to last.

This way, your investment can help you enjoy your hunting trip without having to worry about spooking your target or getting uncomfortable.

If you’re interested in investing in some new hunting gear, Skre has you covered! Our Elite Starter Bundle is the perfect starting point for anyone looking for a starting point for a high quality hunting outfit. We are so certain that you'll love it that we are offering a 14 day trial of our Elite Starter Bundle. So try the quality, comfort, and performance for yourself - get started on your trial today!

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