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Mississippi Turkey Hunting- Early April Hunt

Mississippi Turkey Hunting- Early April Hunt

Locke Wheeler and Bryan Chamberlain are in Mississippi to participate in turkey hunting this season. They are excited to be able to fill out their tags and get in the whole swing of things. 

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While on their hunting trip after hours of sitting and waiting to spot a turkey, they finally were able to spot one. After calling the turkey in to just 15 yards, Bryan raised his shotgun to take the shot.

He took the shot....and missed. And that happened 2 more times.

After his three missed shots, Bryan was devastated...

Hunter after a missed shot turkey hunting

"Oh man," he exclaimed, "if that turkey had only moved a little to the right, it would've been a perfect shot!" Bryan went on to joke about how the turkeys need to learn to move in the right direction.

In a lighter tone, he also asked if Locke could zoom in on his face so that they could see the emotions and intensity he was feeling at the moment. 

"The worst part of it all is that we ran out of shells. Now, we have to walk a whole mile back to the truck just to restock" Locke realized after having that brief discussion with Bryan. 

Even though they didn’t get anything then and missed out on the turkey they wanted. They still had a positive attitude and wanted to keep going, which is a great way to start their turkey hunting season.

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