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Turkey Hunting in Mississippi - Gobbling His Head Off

Turkey Hunting in Mississippi - Gobbling His Head Off

Turkey hunting can be a thrilling and rewarding experience for hunters, with the anticipation of catching a glimpse of those gobbling Toms. Some may even sit hours waiting for an opportunity to fill their tag. Today, Flipp Wheeler headed out turkey hunting in Mississippi to try and fill his spring turkey tag.

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Flipp and Locke Wheeler are Mississippi natives, so instead of having to travel for their turkey hunts in Mississippi -  they simply throw their bikes in the truck and head down the road a little ways.

Flipp and Locke unloaded their bikes and headed off the road and into the woods to try and listen for any sign of turkey. Not long after having left the truck, Flipp and Locke hear some activity and quickly get setup to start calling in the turkey. This Tom was particularly vocal making his way through the woods closer to Flipp's location.

It took less than an hour from unloading their bikes until Flipp was able to take a successful headshot. This is the biggest turkey he's ever taken and the turkey even had multiple beards.

Youth turkey hunt in Mississippi

Most of the time, turkey hunting requires a lot of time and patience to call a turkey into shooting distance. And often times a hunt goes unsuccessful. But it isn't about the kill for most hunters. It is spending time out in nature, getting to know the patterns and behaviors of the animal you are hunting, and making memories along the way. Whether you tag out or not, turkey hunting can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

And sometimes you get a little lucky and are able to tag out like Flipp did. And that makes the whole experience even sweeter.

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