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Mississippi Turkey Hunting- Redemption

Mississippi Turkey Hunting- Redemption

It’s that time of year when hunters are gearing up to go turkey hunting and Locke Wheeler and Brian Chamberlain are a part of that group this year. They are back in Mississippi hoping and looking to catch a beautiful bird this year. After missing a shot the other day while hunting, they are hopeful that this time will be different and that they will redeem themselves. 

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"We're on our second day at Bryan's place up in Northeast Mississippi. We arrived here on Sunday night and it stormed all night long. Yesterday morning, the rain was still passing through, so we didn't even step out at daybreak. But as soon as we did, we spotted a bird and called it in. However, Bryan missed three times." Explains Locke. 

Despite the fact that they have nearly 2000 acres of land to hunt, Locke and Bryan have yet to have any luck. Yesterday, they searched tirelessly without any success. Even though they could see turkey signs everywhere, they couldn't find a single bird or even get one to gobble.

This morning, they headed to a swampy area on the north side of the property where the turkey sign was particularly abundant. However, after spending three or four hours searching yesterday and coming up empty-handed, we had to cut our hunt short.

After hiking for a bit Locke and Bryan come across this huge cedar field that seems to be promising. “It's a good spot because we can hear the entire swamp from there. We've been sitting here for around 30 minutes now and haven't heard anything. I was yelping softly every now and then, not aggressively. Suddenly, a turkey gobbled on the other side, just about a hundred yards away from us, which startled both of us. It happened so quickly that I was barely able to turn on the camera and put on my face mask before the birds showed up.” 

Even with their decoy stake broken and just laying on the ground, the young Tom's didn't mind. After Bryan shot his Tom, we saw an interesting behavior that sometimes happens in 2 or 3 year old Toms. Bryan had shot the dominant bird in the group and as soon as he did, one of the other Tom's jumped on the bird on the ground. Their desire for dominance took over.

Tom turkey during hunt

Locke was filming from about 5 yards behind Bryan and wasn't planning on shooting today. After the turkey just remained fixated on the one on the ground, Locke decided he would try to crawl up to Bryan to see if he could take a shot.

He whispered to Bryan to set the gun on the ground beside him. Locke inched his way towards Bryan and the turkey didn't notice him until Locke already had his sites on the bird. The turkey threw his head up, which gave Locke the perfect opportunity to take his shot.

Double success during Mississippi spring turkey hunt

Even though they had a rough start at the beginning of this trip they were able to come home with two big birds. Ambition and patience are what helped make this weekend successful.

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