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Episode 4: Turkey Hunting with a Bow

Episode 4: Turkey Hunting with a Bow

Welcome back to another thrilling episode of "The Blueprint"! In this episode, we head to our Oklahoma lease to try our hand at turkey hunting with a bow. Accompanied by our friends Levi and Pepper, we set out to pursue elusive turkeys with our bows. Join us as we recount the highlights and challenges we encountered during this eventful turkey hunt.

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First Day Of Our Archery Turkey Hunt

Arriving at the property, we were greeted with a cloudy and windy day, presenting less-than-ideal hunting conditions. However, we remained optimistic and determined to locate and harvest turkeys with our bows. Armed with our equipment and high spirits, we ventured into the field.

On the first morning, we encountered a quiet turkey who seemed disinterested in responding to our calls. Despite our efforts, we weren't able to find any turkeys. However, we maintained hope that they would circle back and provide us with an opportunity.

As the day progressed, we strategically positioned ourselves in areas where we believed the turkeys would travel. We had our fair share of encounters, observing the behavior of the birds and adjusting our tactics accordingly. Though challenging, we persisted and remained committed to our mission.

Challenging Weather Conditions

Throughout the trip, we faced the difficulties of windy conditions and the limited range of our bows. Even if we were getting frustrated we still tried to make the most out of this trip. Our knowledge of the property and the turkeys' habits guided our decisions and allowed us to get close to our quarry.

Despite our best efforts, we encountered several instances where the turkeys eluded us. Some birds hung up just outside of our effective shooting range, while others veered away from our decoy setups. The turkeys proved to be cunning and elusive, making it a challenging pursuit.

Undeterred by these setbacks, we remained focused and adjusted our strategies accordingly. We utilized the information we gathered, such as roosting locations and turkey movement patterns, to position ourselves in key areas for optimal success. The unpredictability of the turkeys kept us on our toes, always ready to adapt to their behavior.

Close Encounters

As the trip progressed, we experienced a mix of close encounters and missed opportunities. Our persistence paid off when we were within range of a magnificent gobbler, but the challenging wind conditions and erratic decoy movement thwarted our chances. 

Even though we weren't able to have a successful turkey hunt with our bows, we remained grateful for the invaluable lessons learned and the unforgettable experiences shared with our friends. The trip served as a valuable scouting opportunity for future hunts and provided insights into the behavior and patterns of the turkeys on the lease.

Getting Ready for Deer Season

As we left the property, we couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment and anticipation for the upcoming deer season. The trip allowed us to assess the property, plan for future hunts, and begin preparations for the fall. Our next steps would involve setting up feeders, running cameras, and addressing the issue of hogs on the property.

The Oklahoma hunting property had already shown promise with its abundant deer population, and we eagerly anticipated the opportunities that lay ahead. Stay tuned for the next episode of "The Blueprint" as we dive into our deer management activities and further explore the hunting potential of the property. As well as us getting ready for deer hunting season in Oklahoma.

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