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Episode 1: Introducing

Episode 1: Introducing "The Blueprint" - Our Oklahoma Hunting Property

We're thrilled to announce our all-new video series for this year, called "The Blueprint!” This series is going to follow us on this journey of us having our first-ever property to hunt. To make this possible, we've partnered with 180 Outdoors to lease our very own farm in northern Oklahoma. This expansive 1100-acre property offers us a diverse landscape and ample opportunities to test gear, film hunts, and deliver engaging content. Join us as we break down this property, strategist for turkey hunting, and plan for an exciting deer season this fall.

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What to Expect

What makes this lease particularly attractive to us is its size and diversity. With vast open grassland pastures, CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) areas, farm ponds, and a prominent creek, water sources abound. Additionally, the property boasts a mix of hardwoods, high ridges, flat grounds with shrubs, and cedar thickets towards the north. Such diversity allows us to explore various hunting techniques, test our gear, and create compelling content—all within the confines of a single property.

Moreover, this property holds a special significance for us. Having hunted and filmed here in the past, we have a history with the land. While we haven't extensively explored every nook and cranny, we know its potential. This knowledge serves as a valuable starting point as we determine optimal trail camera placements, tree stand locations, and other essential aspects. We'll learn more about the property as we embark on our turkey hunting expedition, moving throughout the entire area. During the off-season, we'll diligently work on enhancing the property by establishing food plots, setting up feeders, and conducting other necessary tasks.

Another advantage of our familiarity with the property is our understanding of its wildlife. We already know the type of deer and turkey populations it can sustain. We're aware of wild hogs, which will present an exciting challenge for us. These additional hunting opportunities allow us to diversify our pursuits and provide you with even more thrilling content. While we aren't starting completely blind, we're eager to put in the work, piece together the puzzle, and witness the results over the course of a year.

If you follow our new video series this year, called "The Blueprint," you can expect a wealth of content revolving around our experiences on the property. Our aim is to create a blueprint that will guide you through managing your own lease throughout the seasons. We'll kick off the series with exhilarating turkey hunts, showcasing our scouting activities and initial explorations of the property. As we transition into the summer months, we'll be hard at work hanging tree stands, conducting trail camera surveys, and establishing supplemental feed sites and food plots. Once October 1st arrives, the deer season will begin, and we'll document our early season, pre-rut, rut, and late-season rifle hunts. Through it all, we'll witness the fruits of our labor from spring and summer, witnessing the arrival of magnificent bucks and encountering thrilling turkey hunts.


We are so excited about this incredible opportunity to put our gear to the test, explore new products, and embark on a year-long adventure. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay updated with this series. We'll be dropping new and engaging content throughout the year, giving you an exclusive look into the world of property management and hunting. Get ready to join us on this thrilling journey as we navigate the challenges and triumphs of hunting on our very own lease.

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