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Episode 3: Oklahoma Turkey Hunting

Episode 3: Oklahoma Turkey Hunting


Welcome back to another exciting episode of "The Blueprint"! In this episode, Locke and Collin embark on the first hunting trip at our new lease in Oklahoma. With high hopes and a sense of adventure, they set out to explore the property and make some memorable hunts. Join us as we dive into the action-packed journey that unfolded during their stay.

Having a Slow Start

The beautiful afternoon weather provided the perfect backdrop for our hunting expedition. Having previously hunted on this property at the end of last year's Oklahoma's turkey season, there was a bit of familiarity with the bird's behavior. The main objective was to understand their patterns and devise a plan to make a successful hunt. After they parked, they noticed fresh turkey tracks, an encouraging sign for the days ahead. Eager to get started, Locke decided to head toward the front area of the lease, where they’d encountered birds in the past.

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As the day progressed, they were met with some success. Locke and Collin encountered two gobblers that responded to their calls but didn't quite commit to coming within gun range. Despite their reluctance, they managed to keep them in sight and eventually roosted them for the next morning's hunt. Throughout the day, they heard the distinct sound of gobbling from various directions, providing them with valuable information about the turkey population on the property.

Day two dawned with ideal hunting conditions—calm winds and temperatures in the 30s. With high expectations, they set out early, aiming to capitalize on the knowledge gained from the previous day's encounters. The first-morning setup didn't go as planned, as the turkeys pitched in the opposite direction. Undeterred, we swiftly adjusted our position and prepared for a potential second opportunity.

Successful Hunt

In a stroke of luck, two gobblers made their way toward our decoy set. Although they remained just outside the gun range, they were thrilled by the exhilarating encounter. Their persistence paid off as Colin expertly tagged one of the gobblers with his well-placed shot. The hunt was a success, marking Colin's first legitimate turkey harvest. With a sense of accomplishment, they reflected on the fruitful trip, having bagged two turkeys in four days of hunting.

Throughout their stay, they noticed an interesting pattern. While the property was teeming with gobblers, they observed fewer hens and jakes than expected. This anomaly piqued our curiosity, prompting us to wonder about the hens' nesting activities during this time. Regardless of the explanation, it didn't dampen our spirits or hinder our hunt. They remained focused and adapted our strategies accordingly.

As the day progressed, they continued our vigil in the open pasture. Aware of the wind's challenges and the limited cover, they maintained a steady presence, occasionally yelping to entice any passing turkeys. With the anticipation of another gobbler approaching the decoy setup, they patiently waited for the perfect opportunity.

While they didn't encounter any more gobblers on this particular afternoon, their overall experience was immensely satisfying. The trip provided valuable insights into the turkeys' habits and allowed us to familiarize ourselves with the lease. Our scouting efforts throughout the property have set the stage for future hunting endeavors, and we're excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.


As our time at the lease comes to a close, we reflect on the successful hunts and the knowledge we've gained. Locke and Collin packed up and are ready to depart. Despite the challenging weather forecast for the following day, they remained optimistic about future hunting opportunities on this remarkable property. Stay tuned for the next episode of "The Blueprint" as we continue our hunting adventures and share more exciting hunting content and land management insights.

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