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Episode 2: An Overview of the Lease

Episode 2: An Overview of the Lease

In this episode of "The Blueprint," we're using turkey season as a valuable preparation period for the adventures that lie ahead. As we explore the property, one notable aspect that immediately catches our attention is the abundance of water. The property boasts a magnificent creek system, surrounded by open Jack Oak timber on both sides. This lush landscape serves as an ideal bedding area and provides excellent cover for wildlife. It's exactly what we were looking for in a hunting property. We're thrilled by the presence of abundant deer signs, and we even stumbled upon an existing stand site.

Before we delve deeper into our scouting and property management endeavors, we have an exciting announcement. We'll be giving away an exclusive hunt with us on this very property. You can sign up for this incredible opportunity, and no purchase is necessary. This hunt will provide an all-expenses-paid experience, featuring a bear bow from Bear Archery, a Trophy Ridge setup, arrows, a CRUZR saddle setup, a custom knife, and a complete collection of SKRE Gear. With a prize package worth $10,000, it's an opportunity you don't want to miss.

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Layout of the Property

As we continue our scouting trip during this Oklahoma turkey season, we embrace the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the property and gain valuable insights for our future endeavors. The property's main creek crossing captures our attention, as it acts as a hub of activity and a vital water source for all living creatures. This particular creek system remains flowing throughout the year, further complemented by the presence of farm ponds scattered across the land. The creek not only creates travel routes and corridors for deer but also offers prime roosting sites for turkeys. As we arrive at the creek crossing, we witness the delightful sight of ducks, reminding us of the potential for exciting waterfowl hunts in the late season.

South Side

Venturing further into the property, we find ourselves on the extensive ridge that spans the entire south side. It is a timbered paradise dominated by blackjack oak. The clean and open ridges provide captivating views, while deer tracks and buck rubs serve as promising indicators of abundant wildlife activity. This area exudes the essence of the Midwest, and we can already envision the all-day rut sits during the peak of the deer season. Supplemental feed sites and small food plots along the ridge will enhance our hunting strategies, providing optimal opportunities for encounters with cruising bucks and hidden doe bedding areas. With the summer approaching, we eagerly await setting up cameras and witnessing the rewards of our efforts.

North End of the Property 

Moving on to the north end of the property, we encounter a captivating area nestled amidst cedar thickets. This secluded pocket of CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) land spans approximately 50 acres. The surrounding thick cover and abundance of deer signs make it an ideal bedding area. We spot an existing stand site that will undoubtedly become part of our hunting strategy. Setting up cameras in this area will provide valuable insights into the local deer population. With its diverse habitat, ample water sources, and potential for supplemental feeding, this region promises exciting hunting opportunities in the upcoming fall season.


As we conclude our scouting trip, we can't help but express our enthusiasm for the property's remarkable features. From the sprawling creek system to the cedar thickets and open pastures, this land offers unparalleled diversity. Each distinct area presents unique hunting prospects, ensuring that "The Blueprint" will be filled with thrilling experiences and exceptional content. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey by following our video series. As we continue to explore and manage the property, we'll provide you with a comprehensive blueprint for successful hunting and land management throughout the seasons.

Stay tuned for the next episode, where we'll be putting our skills to the test during turkey season. With the abundance of turkeys on the property, we're hopeful for an action-packed hunt. Your support and engagement mean the world to us, and we can't wait to share our adventures with you. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and stay updated with "The Blueprint" playlist. Together, let's make this hunting season an unforgettable experience!

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