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Episode 5: Pre Season Work Day

Episode 5: Pre Season Work Day

Join us in this episode of The Blueprint as we embark on an off-season journey to prepare for the upcoming hunting season. From setting up feeders and mineral sites to strategically placing trail cameras, we're laying the foundation for a successful hunting experience. Our cameraman got bit by a snake so that was an unexpected start to the morning! Even though that happened we were able to spend a good day on the field getting prepared for the off-season. Let's get some feeders planted!

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Getting Started: Feeders, Minerals, and Trail Cameras

As we kick off our off-season preparations, our first task is to set up feeders, mineral sites, and trail cameras. We strategically choose locations based on previous hunting seasons and potential pinch points. By providing supplemental feed and minerals, we aim to attract and monitor wildlife activity, gaining valuable insights into deer patterns and populations.

Understanding the Challenges: Overcoming Obstacles

As we navigate through the process, we encounter unexpected obstacles. From a bite by a copperhead snake to an unplanned visit to the emergency room, we face setbacks that test our resilience. However, our determination and passion for hunting keep us focused on our goals.

Exploring Different Locations: Assessing Potential

With our feeders and cameras in place, we explore various spots on the property, seeking promising hunting locations. From high ridges and creek crossings to old tree stands, each area presents unique opportunities. We consider factors such as cover, visibility, and historical deer sign to make informed decisions about future hunting setups.

The Importance of Inventory: Gathering Data

By collecting data through trail cameras, we gain invaluable inventory insights. We capture velvet pictures, monitor deer movements, and document the presence of trophy-worthy bucks. This information guides our decision-making process as we adjust our setups and plan for the upcoming hunting season.

Adapting and Fine-tuning: A Continuous Process

Our off-season preparations are an ongoing journey of adaptation and refinement. We recognize that our initial setups may require adjustments based on the data we gather. By continually assessing deer behavior and patterns, we optimize our chances for a successful hunt in the fall.


As we wrap up our day of preparations, we had a great day on the property and are happy with the outcome. The Blueprint for the hunting season begins to take shape, as we lay the groundwork for an exciting and rewarding experience.

Stay tuned to our YouTube channel to follow our journey and witness the transformation of this property. And if you're eager to join us, sign up for the Hunt with SKRE program for a chance to win incredible prizes and experience the thrill of hunting in a truly special setting. Get ready for an unforgettable hunting season filled with adventure and the pursuit of a trophy game. 

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