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Episode 6: Overcoming Challenges

Welcome to another hunting season! As an experienced hunter, you know that unforeseen obstacles can arise at any moment. In this episode of "The Blueprint," we'll take you on a journey of how to navigate through some of the challenges we faced while preparing for the upcoming deer hunting season. From hog troubles to equipment issues, we'll provide guidance on how to handle these unexpected situations.  

A Rocky Start

hunting feeder problems

When Collin and Locke got to the property they were met with some problems. The morning hasn't gone as planned, with a tractor rental falling through and equipment failures plaguing their efforts. Despite the challenges, they remain committed to their goal of preparing their property for the impending hunting season.

Strategies Unveiled

Locke is determined to unveil new strategies. The first step is to address the hog problem that has been causing damage to the property. He and Collin recall their earlier attempt at storing bulk corn in a silo, only to have it destroyed by the

marauding hogs. These intelligent animals have been a significant obstacle and have jeopardized their deer hunting preparations.

Adapting to Circumstances

They realized that their initial plans needed modification. So it was decided to set up multiple mineral sites, where they could attract and monitor deer without luring hogs into the mix. Their resourcefulness shines as they concoct a mixture of trace minerals, mineral salt, and sweet feed to create enticing sites. This adaptive approach shows their commitment to finding solutions. 

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On-the-Ground Work

They begin their on-the-ground work by scouting locations for these new mineral sites. They strategically place the sites along trails and open spaces that deer frequent. Their hope is that by offering the deer the nutrients they need, they can begin to track their movements and gather valuable information for the upcoming hunting season.

Changing the Feeding Strategy

Recognizing that overfeeding with traditional corn feeders might be worsening their hog issue, they decided to scale back. They opt to place fewer corn feeders in more controlled locations, reducing the appeal to hogs while still attracting deer. This measured approach demonstrates their willingness to evolve their strategies based on the realities of their situation.

Realizations and Resilience

As Locke and Collin continue their work, they reflect on the challenges faced and the lessons learned. Despite frustrations and setbacks, their resilience shines through. After having troubles with the tractor, they were able to reach out to their friend Matt

hunting feeder problems

at 180 Outdoors, to lend them their tractor. They were able to mow down the plot with no problem after that. The team acknowledges that even though their journey hasn't been smooth, they're determined to adapt, overcome, and achieve their goals. 

Preparing for the Season

With the groundwork laid, they look forward to the coming weeks. They anticipate planting deer food plots in the fall, relocating stands, and fine-tuning their strategies to create the best chance for a successful hunting season. With the help of 180 outdoors, we were able to get a tractor and mow. 


Locke and Collin faced various challenges while preparing for deer hunting season. They encountered problems such as hog infestations and equipment failures, which were overcome by being adaptable, resourceful, and determined. The show highlights the importance of these qualities when faced with adversity. With the hunting season approaching, they’re ready to reap the rewards of their hard work and strategic thinking. Be sure to follow more of “The Blueprint” on YouTube and be sure to subscribe to our channel

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