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Episode 7: Planting Food Plots

Episode 7: Planting Food Plots

In the latest episode of The Blueprint, we take you back to our property in Oklahoma, where we are getting ready for hunting season. It’s early September and we are excited to see that there are already a couple of shooter whitetail bucks on our property - even without having our food plot planted. 

We are excited to see what kind of bucks we will attract once our plots start to produce. As you’ve seen if you’ve followed The Blueprint Series, we’ve had some struggles with hogs. As we are out planting our pots today, we are also going to be looking at how to help with that issue and moving some cameras around to see if we can get some pictures of more deer in the area.

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How to Plant Food Plots

The process that we opted for when planting is a no-till process. Not only are we able to get help from Hunt 180 Outdoors and L2 Realty with this method, but it helps eliminate one step (tilling) from the planting process - making it that much easier. And with 8 different plots, totally approximately 5 acres, being efficient with our time makes a big difference.

Aerial photo of planting whitetail food plot in Oklahoma

With this no-till method, we have a hopper full of seed and rollers that trench into the ground. That hopper then drops the seed into those rows as you drive - eliminating the need for tilling and disking like you’ve seen us do in the past.

We did have to come in a few weeks ago to mow the native plant species down, and we will spray them after we are done planting to give our seed the best chance at growing.

When to Plant

We chose today to start planting, because we are supposed to get rain next week. We are really crossing our fingers that the weather report is accurate. That rainfall is going to ensure that we have a solid start for our seeds. And if it rains, we could potentially see some of our plots generating plants in as early as 3 weeks.

Food plot seed used on The Blueprint Oklahoma property

Overview of Our Food Plot Seed

We chose to plant a fall-release mix of seed that has beans, oats, rye, clover, radishes, and other brassicas. This is going to help ensure that we provide a variety of feed options to the whitetail in the area to not only attract them to our different plots, but also to ensure that the food source is sustainable throughout the season.

North Cedar Plot

The North Cedar plot is one of our bigger plots, positioned in the middle of a cedar thicket on the north side of the property. It is one that we have pretty high expectations for. Not only is it decently sized and has a good layout, but we believe that it is positioned nicely in the whitetail’s North-to-South travel route on the property.

Because of its location, we placed a deer feeder here earlier in the year to get an idea of how the deer move around and through the property. We were able to catch some pictures of a couple shooters, before the hogs came in.

This plot is being planted with oats, rye, clovers, turnips, radishes, and broadleaf brassicas.

Food Plot Strategy

Because of the amount of hogs that we have on the property, we are very limited in being able to use deer feeders and supplemental deer feed. Because of this, we had to be very strategic about HOW we planted our food plots.

Overview of topo map for The Blueprint Oklahoma property

Make sure to check out our YouTube video, for a visual explanation of the layout of our BluePrint property and the strategy behind how we planted our food plots - here’s the link that will take you directly to the section of the video that shows the Food Plot Strategy.


We have been excited to see how this endeavor has been going. If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to the Skre YouTube Channel so you can stay up to date on all our adventures. And if you are in need of some solid whitetail hunting gear for the upcoming season, make sure to check out the Skre Early Season Whitetail Bundle. It was created by die-hard whitetail hunters to ensure you have the best pieces of gear needed for a comfortable and successful whitetail hunt.

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