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Blueprint #10: We Grunted in this Mature Buck

Blueprint #10: We Grunted in this Mature Buck

We are back to the SKRE Ranch in Oklahoma, hoping to catch pre-rut activity and the first opportunity when the mature bucks start getting on their feet in anticipation of coming whitetail rut.

The Journey Begins

Our adventure started with a bit of mischief, as we decided to play a prank on Locke Wheeler, our buddy who's, let's just say, not a fan of snakes. We rigged his new bow case with a rubber snake, anticipating his reaction. Spoiler alert: it was priceless!

Setting Up in Oklahoma

It was Levi’s first-time hunting Whitetail outside his home state of Louisiana, and he was stoked. We were greeted by mild weather, a bit warm for the season, but we were ready to grind it out and make the most of it. We set up near a dense cedar thicket, a prime spot for deer bedding. The anticipation was high, though the deer movement was minimal.

We hit the ground running, literally, with boots-on-the-ground scouting. After spotting a buck and identifying some key areas, we narrowed down our focus. Sure, there wasn’t an overwhelming amount of sign, but the few we found were promising.

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The Waiting Game

Whitetail deer hunting is as much about patience as it is about action. We stationed ourselves in an oak flat near a food plot, surrounded by signs of deer activity. Despite the heat, we were optimistic. The thrill of the hunt isn’t just in the results but in the entire process of pursuit.

An Exciting Turn

On our third morning, things started heating up. We set up near some scrapes on a hillside, and that’s when we spotted him – a mature buck with a respectable frame. The excitement was palpable. After some strategic calling, the buck was in range.

The tension was high. We had to be calm, and steady. With one well-placed shot, the buck was ours. The joy and adrenaline rush of that moment are indescribable. Even after Levi had a successful hunt, Locke was determined to get himself a deer. 

That opportunity came on the very next morning, and what a buck!  A very big mature buck that has never been on trail camera comes into range in the timber on a foggy November morning, but Locke missed his opportunity! 

Reflection and Respect

Post-hunt, we took a moment to reflect on our experience. The deer was not only a great mature buck, but he was also the first shooter buck we identified on trail camera surveys early during the summer. It's moments like these that make all the preparations, the early mornings, and the endless hours of waiting worthwhile.

Looking Forward

As we wrapped up this trip, we couldn't help but feel excited for the next one. The hunt is an ongoing adventure, a continuous challenge that keeps us coming back for more. We're already planning our return to our property, eager to experience the thrill of the chase once again.


If you want to catch the action on your screen or if you want to know if Locke gets the buck that got away check out our YouTube Channel. Be sure to check out our website at We have some great stuff coming up that you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned!

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