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Elk Calling Mini Series Tip #1 - Two Herds Coming Together - Skre Gear

How To Call Elk - Elk Calling Mini Series

Hey guys! It's Tom and Thomas Diesing from Mile High Note Game Calls coming to you with another tip from the elk woods. The last few years in Colorado, we've had situations where the bulls weren't really responding - weren't really bugling. We all go through weeks of that during the elk hunting season. So what we started doing the last couple years - and it's worked really well, Thomas killed a bull last year and I killed a bull two years ago with this method. We were hitting all of our favorite spots with our normal techniques. What we decided to do was to separate about 100 yards and just act like we were two herds of elk coming together. So two big herd bulls with a whole bunch of cows and just as much excitement as we can make. I mean we are making some noise in the woods. We're pulling out contest calling, we're doing it all. And in both cases, the last two years, in doing that we've had elk come in silently. Thomas killed a bull that came in silent. I killed a bull that was chasing a cow right into me - 15 yards - came right in. So try this. We're going to demonstrate it. We're going to separate a little bit and just kind of give you an idea what it sounds like.

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Alright, like he mentioned earlier, we just weren't having much luck those last few years and nothing was working. So we just looked at each other and were like "Well, we like to call, so let's make some noise and see what happens." Both times we did it, it worked. And they didn't answer, they didn't come in rutting, bugling, screaming, nothing like that. The bulls just came in silent and we both were successful on it. It is just something to keep in the bag of tricks and see if it works for you. Hopefully you can give it a try this year and don't be afraid to break the silence. Good luck this year guys.
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