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Elk Calling Mini Series Tip #5 - Excited Cow Calls - Skre Gear

Excited Cow Elk Call - Elk Calling Mini Series

Hey guys. This is Tom and Thomas Diesing from Mile High Note Game Calls coming to you from the elk woods with a quick tip for calling elk. One of the strategies that we like to use is creating a lot of excitement with cow calls. We've got a bull out there bugling at us and a lot of times we'll just call back with excited cow calls. Almost like the cows are assembling together. We've killed a lot of elk that way and we're going to do a little demo here, but first let's talk about how to create that illusion of being more cows. First of all we're going to be calling back and forth to each other, but we're going to add pressure to the reed and get a little higher note. Just try to sound like a different tone with each one of these cow calls. We're going to mix in a squeeze call. We're going to call in a tube. We're going to call with an open reed call. All of these things just add excitement to the calling. So we'll separate here and do a little demo and then we'll come back and talk about it and finish up. We're going to separate about 20 yards apart from the camera to give you a perspective of what it would be like being separated to get different volumes. So stay with us here.

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Alright guys. Like we said, we'll usually separate when we're hunting. He was using external reed calls, internal reed calls, our diaphragm calls as well that we make. We'll do that for about 20 seconds - 30 seconds, then we'll be silent for about 5 minutes or so and then try it again. And we'll sit in one location where we know there's generally elk for about 30 minutes. If nothing transpires at that point, we'll move on, go hike another 500 yards or so, and setup in another spot.
So, that's your tip for this week. Tom and Thomas Diesing - Mile High Note Game Calls. Good luck hunting this year.

Close-up of SKRE jacket and elk antler

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Elk Calling Mini Series Tip #5 - Excited Cow Elk Call

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