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Elk Calling Mini Series Tip #3 - Getting Aggressive - Skre Gear

Aggressive Bull Elk Call - Elk Calling Mini Series

Hey guys. It's Tom and Thomas from Mile High Note Game Calls with another quick tip from the elk calling woods. If you were with us last week, we talked about the estrus call. When you have a bull hanging up, that is always a great call to bring out. It really helps bring that bull in. But if he's still hung up out there, that's when we start getting aggressive. We'll do things like raking trees and we'll copy-cat a bull. If he bugles once and grunts three times, we'll bugle once and grunt three times. We'll keep copying him three or four times. Then about the fourth or fifth time we'll just interrupt his bugle with our bugle and step right on him. That really irritates elk. There is a chance in that scenario that you could intimidate a bull, but at this point we are really getting after it. We're going in and a lot of times we'll move in a little closer when we start doing this. And we're really challenging the bull. So we're going to demonstrate that a little bit. Thomas is going to step down and be the bull. I'll be the hunter over here and I'm going to copy him, so you can kind of get an idea.

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Alright guys, so like we said that's kind of when we're getting more aggressive. When the cow calls and estrus calls haven't worked and we start getting more aggressive with the bull calls. That's the tactics that we take. Like my dad said, sometimes we are hunting together. You do have that chance of spooking that bull, but that happens every time you hunt. Another strategy we might take is just separating. If I'm calling and he's the shooter, I'll sit him in closer to the bull and I'll stay back and try to aggravate the bull to come in closer. That's our tip of the week, so stay tuned for the next one!

Close-up of elk hunter wearing SKRE Gear

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