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Sean Morgan is a self-made hunt athlete; an up-and-coming next generation bowhunter who has taken the high country mule deer world by storm. Sean grew up in West Point, Utah and still calls Northern Utah home. To say Sean is passionate about pursuing giant mule deer in the high country with a bow is an understatement as every free moment he gets is spent learning and studying the habit of these animals.

Sean’s foundation for success is rather simple and isn’t something anybody else can’t do. His achievements are a direct result of hard work and dedicated with copious amounts of time spent in the field. This, paired with his motto of “Hunt Smarter, Not Harder” has attributed largely to his success. He always tries to keep a positive attitude and looks at the bright side of any hunting situation. Priding himself on staying humble and remembering where he came from has helped him keep a level mind over all the highs and lows of bowhunting.


In the past 7-years, Sean has personally taken (3) 170-inch class bucks, (2) 180-inch class bucks, and (2) 200-inch class bucks, and (1) 210-inch class bucks with his bow, all in the high country on public land and with general season tags. In addition to the bucks Sean’s taken, he also helped his father harvest a 190-inch class buck during Utah’s extended archery season in 2012. Ken has been at his son’s side through every step of Sean’s hunting career and created years of priceless memories. Both Sean and Ken say they owe a lot of their success to the effort and time spent hunting together.


But Sean hasn’t stop with mule deer, wishing to further his success he has taken the next step by chasing late season migrating elk during Utah’s extended archery season. His efforts in this realm of hunting is shown by the 2013 harvest of his very first 5x5 bull elk, 2014 harvest of a 330-inch class 6x6 bull elk, and 2016 harvest of a 315-inch class 6x6 bull elk with his bow.


During the off-season, Sean can be found wandering the mountains with his dog Willow in search of shed antlers. Sean trained Willow, a female Yellow Lab from a puppy to find deer, elk, and moose antlers. Not only does shed hunting further his year-round knowledge of the animals he hunts, but is great exercise and helps him stay in shape.

For more photos and videos, follow Sean on his website -

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