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Caring For Merino Wool Hunting Clothes - Skre Gear

Caring For Merino Wool Hunting Clothes

UPDATED: 10/17/2022

We talk a lot about merino wool at Skre, because it's one of the foundations of what sets us apart as one of the best hunting clothes on the market. Merino wool is a super fabric, so we want to make sure that we are caring for it correctly.

One of the big problems that we face as hunters, is the wide variety of climates that we find ourselves in. And even day-to-day changes in temperatures. Merino wool adapts to our environment by being breathable, lightweight, and moisture wicking for warmer climates, but also providing a solid insulating base layers.

So, how do we keep our hunting clothes fresh? How do we clean them? How do we tend to them? Here are our suggestions on how to wash and store hunting clothes.

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Tip #1: Take Off Your Hunting Gear

Wear your hunting clothes to the stand, wear them in the stand, wear them when you're hunting. But don't wear them to the store, around camp, or fixing on your ATV. Don't even wear them when you're skinning and cleaning an animal. Doing this not only affects your scent profile, but it adds additional wear on your hunting gear.

The least amount of wear that you can put on your hunting clothing, the less likely you are to have to put it through a full wash. White Skre does offer a lifetime warranty, wear and tear on your hunting clothes is something that we all have to manage. And with merino wool is a super fine fabric. It is a fabric that requires a little extra attention when it comes to running it through a wash cycle. 

Tip #2: How to Wash Hunting Clothes

At some point, you're eventually going to get to the point where you have to run your hunting clothes through a wash. You want to wash them as little as possible, especially if it is made from merino wool.

When we do get to the point where we need to wash our gear, it's important that we use the right kind of detergent. You want to find something that has the least amount of chemicals, phosphates, no UV brighteners, etc. 

You can search online and you can find lots of different types of detergents that are safer for more superfine fabrics such as merino wool. Woolite is a product that you might be familiar with.

And you want to run your clothes through as light of a wash as you can. You just want to knock the dirt off, knock the grime off, whatever it is and then hang it up and let it dry.

Tip #3: Air Dry Your Gear

How to care for your hunting clothes

Never put your merino wool in the dryer. EVER. Always let it hang dry.

If you're hunting and get pretty sweaty, the first thing you should do when caring for merino wool is take it off and lay it out somewhere to let it air dry. One of the key features of merino wool is it absorbs moisture AND it's antimicrobial. So it doesn't hold on to scent. 

Once it air dries and it's completely dried out, use a scent killer product. There's lots of different brands, but just a basic scent killer product will do the trick.

Tip #4: How to Store Hunting Clothes

Use a designated bag to store your hunting clothes in. You could look into a storage container like the Scent Crusher enclosure with an ozone unit. You put your hunting clothes in, run the ozone unit to kill off any potential leftover scent, and you are good to go. They even make these ozone bags where there's a generator built into the bag.

But even if you just have a duffel or tote that is dedicated to keeping your gear separate from the rest of your clothes is a great option.


These four tips are the best way to keep your hunting clothes fresh and ready to go. Make sure you are taking advantage of all the benefits of merino wool when you are hunting. Shop SKRE's featured merino wool products today! 


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