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Hunting Resources

Did you Draw Your First Big Game tag Out West? What's next!

Receiving your first western big game tag in the mail is a pretty exciting event. The question now is, “How are you g...

Top Ten Bow Hunting Mistakes

Top Ten Hunting Mistakes The only hunters who can say they have never made a mistake while hunting are hunters who ha...

The Well Rounded Hunter

One of the things that I look back on over the years that has impacted my journey in one of the most dramatic ways, i...

Archery Hunting Clothing

The days of having limited choices when it comes to selecting archery hunting clothing are long gone. I grew up in th...

Merino Wool

Why Merino Wool? I get asked this question often as hunters search for a solid base layer that has all the performan...

Glassing, A Game Changer

Hunting Deer with Dad I grew up hunting deer with my Dad in Southern Utah. Each year we performed the same ritual. We...

Why do we hunt?

Hunters get a Bad Rep Hunters tend to get a bad rap by those who view hunting as a cruel and unnecessary sport. They ...

What is Skre?

Gear Junkies I have become somewhat of a gear junkie over the last decade. With each passing year, I find myself vent...
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