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I could start this off with the fact that I am hard working, dedicated, passionate, on and on but I believe that holds true with all of us! Really, I believe in adversity more than I believe in just about anything else.  Let me first explain why his statement rings louder and louder with the passage of each season in my life. Adversity is the fuel that burns my desires to achieve the insurmountable. Adversity leads me to push harder, go further and foster a mentality within myself that is an unrelenting prayer in my soul that can achieve anything I desire; Hence why adversity is one of my many foundational cornerstones responsible for many of my achievements in life.

Let me connect the first part of this with the fact that my hunting career has been anything but illustrious.  It was full of over the counter, scrap tags, as I must be the unluckiest outdoorsman in the West when it comes to drawing tags but let me assure you that I certainly know how to collect bonus points!

With that said, the last decade or so has taught me much about myself, not only what my limitations and capabilities are but also the necessity of a requisite mental toughness not found around every corner.  So, with that, I train my mind as much as I train my body, I believe in attitude and ability, I know that in order to be the person I am, I need to be humble, yet bullish, stern yet not arrogant and my ultimate last wish and goal is to appreciate reverently what these amazing animals give to me and all of us! The gift of life that they bestow upon our families and the reverence in my heart for their very existence…

The most important aspect of this pursuit that we take to the mountains every fall with, must be done with the responsibility of the future of these great creatures on our shoulders.  It is our burden to educate, love and revere them into the future and not out of existence. This pursuit is about a journey through time and might they take a part of us as much as we take a part in them.

With that, my name is Marlon Holden.  I am foremost an outdoorsman, ambassador, conservationist, believer, philosopher, entrepreneur and hardworking bow hunter! I have done a lot in the mountains over the last decade, however, I believe my best is yet to come, and I look forward to acquainting myself with you all more and more as the seasons pass!  

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