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Cold Weather Hunting Gear

When you are getting ready to go hunting, it goes without saying that your gear is very important. You need to layer your clothing for the hunt so that you can remain the right temperature even when it is colder outside. Because you hunt in a variety of temperatures, you will see that knowing how to select the best cold weather hunting gear will make all the difference in the world. 

Layering is essential when you want to remain comfortable while you are out on a hunt, but this will not mean merely putting on layers upon layers of clothing and then just hoping for the best. You need to know that each layer is going to work with the other as a way to trap in heat, wick away moisture, and also help to defend against the harsh elements. 

When it comes to selecting cold weather hunting gear, you will want to know more about the three major types of layers. Including: 

The Base Layer 
A base layer should include articles of clothing that fit snugly up against the skin. The function of this layer is to help wick away moisture from the body to help keep you warm and dry. The base layer should always be selected based on the hunting conditions. 
  • Wearing a lightweight layer is useful for helping to wick sweat from your skin, but you are not going to get much insulation to stay warm. A lightweight base layer is going to be better when you are in milder conditions, which is especially true if you are going to be active.
  • A mid-weight base layer is good when you will be in colder conditions. You still have moisture-wicking, but you will not overheat.
  • With a heavyweight base layer, you will have protection in cold, harsh-weather situations. This gives you the insulation that you need while still being breathable and well-ventilated. 

Mid Layer 
A mid-layer will work with the base layer and help to keep the heat inside while removing moisture. The mid-layer should be the most flexible one of all the layers, and you can also double up on this layer if you need to for removal if you overheat. While you are in milder weather conditions, you can use the mid-layer as an outer layer.

Outer Layer
 You can look at this as your protective shell and the first line of defense for the elements outside. This layer is made to help repel snow, wind, and rain and should be built to help withstand rough terrain as well, including thorny bushes and tree branches. 

At SKRE Extreme Mountain Gear, we have the cold weather hunting gear that you need to help you have an incredible time outdoors for each hunt no matter what the weather throws your way. We have extreme all season bundles that are just right for tackling the elements so that you never have to worry that you are going to be too hot or too cold, which allows you to enjoy your time in the outdoors while remaining as comfortable as possible.
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