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Build the Perfect Hunting Outfit with SKRE’s Bow Hunting Camo Clothing

When quality matters, choose SKRE’s gear for your hunting outfit. We carry the best-looking camo clothing on the market today, and we are proud to offer high quality that will ensure year after year. At SKRE, we believe in going the extra mile to exceed your expectations in cost, quality, and fit.

Before you place an order with another bowhunting camo clothing distributor, consider the warranty that comes with your order. SKRE takes a great deal of pride in offering what we believe the most generous return policy on the Web. Our Wrong Size Return Warranty means free returns if you happen to order the wrong size- we’ll pay the cost of return shipping as many times as necessary for you to get the right fit. We know of no other hunting gear supplier who makes this fantastic offer.

Now that you know your payment is secured through our signature warranty, it’s time to build the perfect wardrobe. Start with base layers designed for maximum comfort; choose from our Kaibab Merino Wool base layer tops and bottoms or out Wasatch line. If you think ‘wool’ and are taken back to your childhood when wool was an itchy, uncomfortable fabric you couldn’t abide next to your skin, a lot has changed in the interim.

Our Kaibab Merino Wool base layer items are soft-to-the-touch and do a tremendous job of wicking away moisture from the body, keeping you warm and dry when it’s cold out and cool when the sun starts to rise. Starting with the right under-layer is the single-most important thing you can do to protect yourself from the elements while hunting.

If you live in an area of the country where you need extra insulation from the cold, you’ll find a terrific selection of vests, tops, hoodies, pants, and jackets in our inventory. Our Ptarmigan Ultra Down Jacket offers extreme warmth without the added weight or bulk of most cold-weather jackets; in fact, the Ptarmigan weighs in at just 12oz! If your environment creates the need to layer, you’re going to love the options available in our inventory.

We’ve got you covered in pants as well, from Uinta lightweight Early Season pants to Hardscrabble serious duty hunting bottoms and our popular Nebo SL Rain Pants. Keeping your bottom half warm and dry while hunting is essential and can make or break your time in the field. See our complete collection for the best prices on quality bow hunting camo clothing and pants.

You can save 20% over the cost of building your collection by choosing one of our bundles, which contain every item necessary for protection from the elements from head to toe. Click the ‘Clothing’ link and select one of our bundles from the menu. Product specialists are available by phone if you need some assistance in choosing the right product or placing your order.
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