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Thayne Christensen's Turkey Hunt - Skre Gear

Thayne Christensen's Turkey Hunt

The first day of the Idaho spring turkey season started out at 22 degrees, I had the Hardscrabble Jacket, vest, pants, Deadfall Gloves and the Kaibab Merino Top and bottom. It was a short hike to the top of the ridge so my body temperature wasn't at it's highest. I heard a gobble and he was close so I hunkered down for the game of chess under a cedar tree. He finally came into the clearing and never even knew i was there. I eased my shotgun up and BOOM...I missed, I rushed the shot. So I Sat in disbelief not knowing how I missed and all the hard work came down to me choking.

Pine Thicket Comes Alive

The 2nd started off much like the first day well before daylight putting on my Skre gear getting ready for the day ahead. We slipped in through the cedar and maples to a meadow that usually had birds in it well before daylight. We placed the decoys where they would be visible from the in coming turkeys, as the sun rose we heard the nearby pine thicket come alive with a few gobblers and it was game On! One of the gobblers was fired up and came closer after about 5 minutes of calling. I waited for him to get behind the only cedar tree in the clearing and raised my shotgun. He came around the tree in full strut coming right in to the decoys. I was sitting under a cedar tree shaking with excitement as he closed the distance. He made it to about 34 yards and I could handle it anymore. As I pulled the trigger the big Tom dropped and started to flop, the Skre gear helped me blend in great and I bagged my 2nd gobbler ever with an 8.5 inch beard and beautiful feathers.

Sitting in Frost without Feeling Damp

I was sitting in frost for the first hour of the first morning and i never felt damp, the frost then turned into dew in the morning sun and I was still bone dry. The material of the hardscrabble pants and jacket is very nice it does not collect burs like other camo does and is very quiet. The deadfall gloves were great and they kept my hands nice and warm. They also have the best dexterity I've ever had in a glove that isn't paper thin. These gloves are very easy to shoot with and make any movements with calls. The kaibab wool top and bottom kept the chill off amazingly. This stuff is the most comfortable base layer I've ever worn its warm and doesn't bunch up, I've hiked for hours In it and so far I have not disliked anything about them yet.

Its the Skre System as a Whole

The system as a whole makes it possible to be comfortable from below freezing temps in The morning to 50 degrees by 11. I wished I would have bought it sooner. The pattern is really something else, it blends in with The maples that don't have any leaves on them yet and The cedars and pines that are mixed within The same area. The pattern kept me concealed and kept me warm, the most important part of a hint is being comfortable in your gear, but not just how it looks but also how it performs as well. I'll never wear another brand of outdoor clothing as long as SKRE is in business. Thanks for helping make this season a success.
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