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Taylor Pearson Discovers Skre Gear - Skre Gear

Taylor Pearson Discovers Skre Gear

87719ca1-69c1-4835-abeb-6eecb8367e15Why did I choose Skre?

Skre has proven to me to be the best gear on the market. Before this year, I've worn Sitka for the past three years.  After looking at the gear at the expo. I decided to give it a go. The decision was easy after seeing the material and the quality. What made it even better was I didn't have to drain my bank account to get set up.

img_5245For my basic set up which has kept me plenty cool and warm all year. It was still cheaper than buying a pair of pants from other camo companies.  I've been putting this gear through the ringer from early season shed and turkey hunts to late season cow elk hunts.  Skre has yet to let me down. Excellent customer service, fast shipping,  and they are easy to work with.  I love how lightweight the Uintah pant is. I wore it all spring and summer in the rain out shed hunting or scouting for upcoming hunts. I love how quickly it dries out.

img_5432The Hardscrabble Pant

The Hardscrabble Pant has been amazing and plenty warm for late season hunts. The Hardscrabble pant and Mad Trapper Hoodie have been my go to all season during the extended archery on the Wasatch Front. I was never cold this year which has been a first, and it made a big difference. Skree has also been the first set of gear that I didn't have to wear 4+ layers to know I'll be warm. I just helped some friends out on a late season elk last weekend. 15-degree weather with the wind and snow. 

All I wore was the Merino base layer pant. Hardscrabble Pant cotton tee shirt and Mad Trapper Hoodie. I stayed plenty warm and never got wet from sweat; this is key to staying warm and dry. Even on the 4-mile pack out I was able to stay dry.

img_5450Skre Steps Up to the Plate

There's no doubt in my mind I'll never buy anything else in the market. I've been all over in my Skre Gear this year from southern Utah to northern Wyoming. And everywhere in between Skre has yet to let me down. Looking forward to 2017 and what SKRE will bring to the table.
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