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Konley Heaton Beds Down a Buck - Skre Gear

Konley Heaton Beds Down a Buck

Konley Heaton in the mountains

Skre - Comfortable Clothing

I used Skre gear this year on all my hunts. From August-December, from the high country of Wyoming to the low lands of Arizona. It's the most comfortable clothing I've ever owned. On one of my hunts, we spotted a deer from over a mile away. We had the spotter on it, and all we could tell is it was a big buck. It was getting dark and fast! I ran as fast as I could off the hill we were on and closed the distance just before dark and made the shot. The Skre Gear allowed me to run comfortably, as it's very flexible and quiet. The gear permitted me to enjoy more precious moments, making sure my clothing didn't make too much noise.
Konley Heaton with mule deer skull

Shaking from Buck Fever

Another buck I killed this year was a pretty cool story. We bedded him down just after first light in a stand of trees. I didn't dare leave him because I knew when he got up, I would almost definitely get a shot. After 3 hours I began to second guess my decision as it started to snow and the wind was blowing hard. I was able to keep pretty warm, which helps a lot. Not a half hour after the snow came the buck stood up, and I was able to make the shot. My Skre Gear allowed me to focus only on the task at hand because I was shaking from buck fever and not from being cold. I would recommend Skre Gear to any hunter. The pattern is great for all terrains, from what I've seen. And like I said, it's very comfortable and reliable.
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